House in Levín

House in Levín
Address: Na Lucberku 173, Levín, Králův Dvůr, Czech Republic
Investor:Hana a Lukáš Maškovi
Completion:08.2011 – 06.2012
Area:80 m2
Built Up Area:87 m2
Site Area:591 m2
Price:2 500 000 CZK

In the valley village of Levín, located on the old road from Beroun to Plzeň, a decision was made to venture several wide fields on the east slope. And, as is often the case nowadays, to build several unseemly, ill-fitted houses at once.
With wooded rolling hills all around. With a view to Plešivec, Hřeben and Dubová near Křivokát to the west, and over the Litavka river to Velký vrch, Zlatý kůň and Plešivec of the Bohemian Karst to the east.
A young married couple managed to obtain a charming piece of the land for themselves and came to us with the idea of building something little for little money.
The house is a wooden river-steamer with a view over an ocean of pines from the rooftop deck and a broad jetty extending to the south. There is a washed out bank underneath the elongated cuboid of a hull where the crew board every now and then from the autoplane using a staircase that traces the slope. The steamboat moored at the northern edge of the plot. So you can enter from the sunny garden all year round. The lower deck holds a family room with a cupboard kitchen, dining area and a fireplace and, hidden behind a partition, a sober nursery. From the hall we climb up a narrow straight flight of stairs to the bridge of a bedroom with an entrance to the boat’s terrace. The pines are whispering. The Czech flag is flying at the stern.
Source: Raketoplán
Translation: Zuzana Benešová
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