House H pavillion

House H pavillion
Address: Podrožniška 8a, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Area:238 m2

House H is situated on a prestigious location – in a residential neighbourhood of Rožna dolina, on the border between the city centre and the greenery of Rožnik hill. Renovation and extension was about connecting existing, introverted, autonomous 60’s structure with the surrounding garden.
The new garden pavilion is an extra living room which works as a mediator between the house and the garden. Distanced from the house and raised from the ground it works as a space ‘in between’ – floating above ground despite its heavy concrete structure.
The floor plan of the monolithic structure is a literal interpretation of specific requirements by city planners which included distancing new structure 4 meters from the site edges. The ‘broken’ roof is dictated by the views opening to the outside. The pavilion works as ‘camera’ with the floor to ceiling openings functioning as lenses directing the views to the greenery. The structure of polished white concrete appears as a rock, randomly thrown into the garden.
bevk perović arhitekti
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...Zas milej domeček!...
26.02.09 10:12
Matej Farkas
27.02.09 10:58
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