Dragalevtzi House

Dragalevtzi House
Architect: funkt studio
Address: Dragalevtzi, Sofia, Bulgaria
Area:420 m2
Built Up Area:176 m2
Site Area:1455 m2

Form design of the house takes three steps.
1. The initial volume is a rectangular prism, which represents the whole space. 
2. The prism is cut out of the black band (line, tape, ribbon) of the roof and thus removes the redundant volume and opens more sights.
3. The third step is to place the openings and complete the new form by linking the prism with the band vertically and by cutting functionally the walls to open them towards the desired sights.
The black band leaves the delineation of the prism to shape the eaves, terraces and recesses dedicated for the sofa on the first floor and for the bed on the second one, so that there is no unused space left behind the furniture. The house opens up to different sights thanks to the roof's inclination while that of the walls follows the natural position of the human body when reclining – at an angle of 105 degrees. The windows are in the facade's plane; the drain-pipes are hidden in bays within the construction and the 10 cm thick thermal insulation.

materials: white smooth render for the outside walls, dark zinc sheet iron for the roof, glass and stainless steel for the railings, teak wood decks, grey granite and white crushed stones for the yard.

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