House for a Family with Pets

House for a Family with Pets
Spoluautoři:Branislav Husárik, Marián Stanislav, Silvia Rosíková, Zuzana Krejčířová, Martin Červienka, Mateja Vonkomerová
Address: Vlašska ulica, Rača, Bratislava, Slovakia
Area:280 m2

The property is located in a relatively dense housing zone in Bratislava, the so-called "Pod Slancom". These circumstances subsequently affected the allocation of the house and its principal spatial concept. The house is situated in the center of the plot, whilst its perimeter walls are separated and expanding into the garden area, here, partially, reconnecting to the house again.
The perforated concrete wall creates a semi-permeable membrane that subdivides the garden into an internal and external oasis. While the inner garden is amidst the actual interior and exterior and offers the inhabitants an intimate controlled space, the external garden tract is more natural and lusher.
The Ground Floor of the house is a magnified open space enclosed on two sides by walls and at the same time effectively opened on the remaining two fronts to the surrounding private oasis. The main living area is in a cardinal position defined by the essential service "box" including the staircase, storage, and sanitary facilities as well as by the parents' zone such as the master bedroom, bathroom, and study.
The kitchen is oriented towards the leisure garden and the living room to the functional terrace with a traditional lawn and pool area. The large skylight above the kitchen enables natural light to penetrate to the core of the layout. Kids' rooms along with an additional bathroom are located on the First Floor.
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