National museum Przełomy

Muzeum narodowe w Szczecinie

National museum Przełomy
Spoluautor:Katarzyna Furgalińska, Dorota Żurek, Michał Lisiński
Address: Plac Solidarności, Szczecin, Poland
Investor:Národní muzeum ve Štětíně
Area:1913 m2
Site Area:9577 m2
Built Up Space:7870 m3

The parcel of present Solidarnosci Square used to be a presentable city quarter of dense development before the damages of the Second World War.
As a result of demolition, the previously built-up quarter merged into surrounding openings, creating a large undefined void in the cityscape.
These two contrary traditions – a built-up quarter and a plaza – became a starting point of the project, which attempts to blend the advantages of both.
It frames the quarter like a building, at the same time keeping values of an open public space.
The idea of the National Museum building arose together with the spatial concept of the entirety.
As a natural consequence of the primary assumptions, major part of the volume has been hidden underground.  Spatial arrangement initiated by the overground building part has been fulfilled with an elevation, which encloses the quarter and creates an amphitheatrical space, well sheltered from the traffic.
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