Apartment Building along a Party Wall

Wohnhaus entlang einer Brandmauer

Apartment Building along a Party Wall

Spolupráce:Mario Meier, Michael Smolenicki
Address: Hebelstrasse 11, Basel, Switzerland
Investor:Stavební úřad města Basileje
Area:840 m2
Built Up Area:204 m2

The new apartment building continues the grain of the quarter’s courtyard development, extending the façade of the existing wing. With the party wall forming the new apartment building’s eastern side, the organization of the rooms follows the linear configuration that contains a central staircase. Both the attic and the southern end of the building are treated as more independent configurationally elements, marked by slender supports and continuous glazing.

he lower two floors are entirely clad with oak panels that form, together with the turned oak columns, a “surface” with varying depth, a kind of timber spatial layer between interior (living room) and exterior (garden).

Herzog & de Meuron, 1988
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