Apartment in the mountains

Apartment in the mountains
Coauthor: Tomáš Slovik, Tereza Tejkalová
Address: Czech Republic

Winter full of snow flakes, sun and ice - have been the main attributes for AID architects's new interior of a two-floor apartment in the mountains.
The sun-snowflake motive has been used as an inspiration for two unique ceiling lights in the living area. A bar evoking an ice cube is clad with backlit glass of sand blasted ice texture. The similar ice texture principal has been used for the cladding of the sauna free standing in a relaxation area like a large ice cube illuminated in blue.
The blue color of a clear sky is also used in light fixtures at various places as well as in the staircase leading to the upper floor level almost creating a gate flooded in blue light.
Individual and various surface textures are used throughout the interior in wooden flooring, wooden furniture, the fireplace clad with lime stone strips and also in the cladding of walls leading to the living area. Additional textile textures are applied in the warm bed spreads and sofa pillows.
In the sense of the original concept, two tables - dining table and conference table - have been designed and inspired by the spatial structure of a snow flake.
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