Business Centre Wallenrod

Business Centre Wallenrod
Cooperation:Marián Piterka
Statics: Gabriel Kováč, Robert Benovič, Petra Bridova
Address: Mickiewiczova ul. 9, Bratislava, Slovakia
Investor:ITB Perspective, s.r.o.
Project:2010 - 2011
Completion:2011 - 2013
Area:5356 m2
Built Up Area:623 m2
Site Area:624 m2
Built Up Space:17572 m3

How to deliver added value to the business center, and provide tenants with something more? In the world of large, anonymous office buildings, the architects of the studio Šebo Lichý decided to create an exceptional building. Business Centre Wallenrod on Mickiewiczova Street in the center of Bratislava is different and innovative in several ways.
Mickiewiczova Street is certainly one of the attractive locations of the capital, but at the first glance it may seem a bit cramped. Yet, in the vacant lot between two buildings, architects recognized the potential, which they creatively used to create a small business center Class A, and they used the space very efficiently. In the process of creation they took into account not only the historical city zone, but also the need of greenery in the city.
The result is an innovative building with outstanding architecture elevated to a new level with the lively green facade of bougainvillea. Bringing a little green to the city center is definitely a challenge, but in business center Wallenrod it can climb to the top floors  thanks to vertical steel cables. Double glass facade looks modern and simply, while enables green plants to dominate.
Unusual facade required not only a careful selection of suitable plant species, but also a sophisticated solution for their existence and maintenance.  On the outer glass of the facade shading equipment is installed, which provides protection against the sun, plants are watered with automatic irrigation and the whole space is ventilated. This makes general maintenance needed only twice a year. Green facade thus provides not just a shield from the outside environment, but also nicely elevates the working environment. Thanks to openable windows is contact with greenery even more intense.
Equally interesting is the facade of the courtyard of the building, dominated by small extended balconies and roof terrace with garden - ideal conditions for building a community of the small business center. The building consists of five above ground and three underground floors. Office spaces are designed for maximum flexibility and allow each client to customize their working environment. Typical floor consists of two spaces, which may be merged in one or divided by a partition into small offices. Underground floors are reserved for parking and provide 48 parking spaces, as well as bike stands. Number of parking spaces is compared to the surrounding buildings above standard.
The entrance from the street is dominated by a capital W, supporting the other floors. Except for the reception on the ground floor also one commercial space is situated facing the street with a separate entrance. In the building there are two elevators and stairwells. The heating and ventilation fan coil system is used which allows the heating and cooling at the same time in different parts of building.
Interesting is also the name of the business center - Wallenrod, which is definitely not accidental. Konrad Wallenrod, who fought bravely for his country, was the hero of the acclaimed novel by Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz, after whom the street is named.
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