Mountain hut

just resting at the stove and the clouds bellow…

Mountain hut
Area:200 m2

Photo: A1Architects - David Maštálka, builder (winter photo)
Contractor: STAS s.r.o.
Carpenters: DeFinito interiéry, s.r.o.
Other: windows - Josko, stonework - Ostádal
This Hut is one of those places, which are difficult to leave. One just forgets the city rush, clears ones mind and just lies down within its grassy hair meadow above.
There used to stand an old small cottage which was completly rebuilt by new hut. We wanted to follow the ancestor´s knowledge of the site and built the new hut within its original trace. The new mountain hut is designed as a very modest and moreless invisible building at Charles hill – Karluv vrch in Krkonoše mountains.
It seems as it stands there for ages, because its scale and all details respects and follow local traditional morphology, although in a contemporary language. The Hut from the view above is almost hidden and sunk in the grassy meadow. Under the hill opens its wooden face on the hard base from local stones found around. If one is lucky the huge stag could be seen at the edge of the grassy roof above the timber house.
The ground floor is dedicated for gatherings of the family and their friends at the large table while enjoying the warmth of the nearby stove. Downstairs is also the master bedroom and all the service background of the house. The attic is rather calmer floor with bedrooms for guests or kids.
At the center of the attic is a common place to rest and enjoy the view of the grand valley bellow.
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