Architect’s Office in Matosinhos

Estratégia Urbana

Architect’s Office in Matosinhos
Address: Rua Conselheiro Costa Braga 318, Matosinhos, Portugal

Area:568 m2

A vacant warehouse, once linked to the fish canning industry, was chosen to house two architectural agencies: Studio “Nuno Sampaio Arquitetos” and Innovation Lab “Estratégia Urbana”.
The intervention consisted of cutting out a volume that moulds and adapts itself to the spatial needs of the compartments that require greater privacy as well as individualized thermal and acoustic control, namely the offices and the kitchen and toilet areas.
The central area of this volume includes the offices and meeting room, which are shared by the two companies, allowing a physical separation between the Architecture Studio and the Auditorium of Estratégia Urbana. From this central core there is access to the basement floor, a 100m² area dedicated to a model-building workshop, archive space, storage and technical installations.
The metal outer layer of the volume is a counterpoint to the surrounding white space, marked by the original wooden structure, and to the acoustic ceiling planes, as well as to the infrastructural walls that ensure artificial lighting, air circulation and climatization.
This intervention has privileged a global perspective of the space illuminated by the central skylight, which also ensures natural ventilation to the entire space.
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