Archeological reservation on Cathedral Island

Rezerwat Archeologiczny na Ostrowie Tumskim w Poznaniu

Archeological reservation on Cathedral Island
Spolupráce:Jarosław Wyszyński, Anna Sędecka, Ewa Ćwiklińska, Tomasz Migdałek
Address: ul. Ks. I. Posadzego 3, Ostrów Tumski, Poznaň, Poland
Investor:město Poznaň
Area:435 m2

Form and function of the Archaeological Reserve building were strictly determined by parameters of founded archaeological substance and historical, architectural and natural context of concrete place in Ostrow Tumski in Poznan, Poland.
The building is to accurately complete the existing background.
The answer is the building hiding a secret at first having been “stolen” from the ground deposits by archaeologists, now possible to discover by everyone.
Crossing following “coats” of building dividing walls and rooms man gets engrossed in time and space to reach the origin of Piast state.
The building has a distinct direction emphasized with elongated walls in accordance with the route of old Ostrow fortifications. It is designed to some extent “from inside” - surrounding dyke relics and Lubranski wall. Mentioned walls become following coats that give direction to see the museum. From bright entrance one gets deeper to the relic hidden in the ground.
Toya Design
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