Berlin Academy of Fine Arts

Berlin Academy of Fine Arts
Address: Pariser Platz 4, Berlin, Germany
Investor:Land Berlin
Completion:11.1999 – 05.2005
Area:13750 m2
Built Up Area:2870 m2
Site Area:2940 m2
Built Up Space:58500 m3
Price:56 000 000 Euro

The Academy of Fine Arts desires to erect a new building at its original site on the Pariser Platz. Portions of the existing building will be incorporated into the new scheme.
The available site is small and narrow - only 40 m wide and 100 m long, at the southeast corner of the square. One of the narrow elevations faces Pariser Platz, the other Behrensstrasse. Neighboring to the east is the Adlon Hotel.The project offers a pleasant job for our office. It is not technically difficult, but does offer interesting intellectual and artistic challenges. Because of regulations issued by Berlin‘s city planning office, aesthetic and formal issues complicate the design solution. The manner in which the Academy wishes to be represented with its building in the city - and specifically at Pariser Platz - is not compatible with the formal standards of Berlin´s city planning regulations.
Behnisch & Partner
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