a+u Lecture Series #02: Alvar Aalto Houses

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so 27.3.2021 14:00

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Alvar Aalto

Tisková zpráva
a+u is pleased to inaugurate a new lecture series based online with guests from our feature issues. We are delighted to welcome architectural educator Seng Kuan as moderator.
While one of the consequences of COVID-19 is the restricted ability to travel, it has lowered barriers through new possibilities of online encounters. For more than 50 years, a+u has featured architects and architectures from around the world, bringing together people and ideas. We hope this lecture series will be a new venue where our collaborators at a+u can share with us what they are now thinking, through a platform that is more timely and accessible than ever before.
The second a+u lecture is based on our March issue which featured Alvar Aalto’s houses. We welcome 3 guests; Jari and Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, who contributed photographs and introductory essay to a+u 21:03. And as a special panelist, we welcome Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Professor and Assistant Dean of Yale School of Architecture.

Date and time: March 27, 8:00 pm (JST)
Location: Online (YouTube Live)
Participation fee: Free
Language: English
Register: here

 Seng Kuan is an architectural historian and theorist. He is Project Associate Professor and Director of the International Architectural Education Platform at the University of Tokyo and lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has written extensively on Japan’s postwar architectural culture, including books on Tange Kenzō and Shinohara Kazuo. He has also served in various editorial positions at a+u. Most recently he edited a monographic issues on architecten de vylder vinck taillieu (a+u 17:06) as well as Tange Kenzō’s Yoyogi National Gymnasiums (a+u 19:10).
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