WKK elektrárna


WKK elektrárna
Adresa: Limalaan 36, De Uithof, Utrecht, Nizozemí
Investor:University of Utrecht
Zastavěná plocha:950 m2
Obestavěný prostor:6000 m3
Náklady:2 400 000 Euro

With the increase in educational buildings in De Uithof came to need to enlarge the power station serving the campus. Next to Sjoerd Wouda's original circular power station of 1968 Liesbeth van der Pol designed a sculptural new building, its shape largely informed by functional requirements. Its six stacks tower 26 metres to disperse emissions at a great height as stipulated. Similarly strict antinoise requirements led to the building being entirely enveloped in a skin of Corten steel, inside which the noise producing engines have their own separate box. By folding the steel, the skin is also the structure.
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