Adresa: Söllheimer Strasse 16, Kasern, Salcburk, Rakousko
Investor:Gusswerk Eventfabrik

V areálu bývalé slévárny severovýchodně od centra města se nachází: loftové kanceláře Gusswerk, administrativní budova Gusswerk Büroturm, administrativní budova Gusswerk Halle 9 a restaurace-bar „Pur Pur“.

The Gusswerk Event Factory is a reused former bell foundry, now used for parties, receptions, presentations and concerts. With 13.000 sq m of old industrial brick buildings, large halls, workshops and 40.000 sq m of terrain it is a true art village. It houses a club, offices, ateliers and theater. Its industrial feeling, nearness to the inner city of Salzburg and the radiating creative atmosphere make it especially loved by many artist, performers and studios. The project was adjoined with several modern lofts designed by LP architekten after winning a competition. The design exists out of a linear structure with a series of identical boxes, used for exposition, shops and workspace, many of them hired by fashion-brands that want to identify with the industrial workers mentality. The building was erected in a surprisingly short period of six months. The popular industrial look was achieved with the use of corten-steel for the stairs and railings and fits the surroundings.
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