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*1996, Quito, Ekvádor
Av. Granda Centeno 1114 y Bobadilla #16, Quito
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Bývalí architekti

Adrian Moreno

Maria Samaniego

Hlavní obrázek
Started in 1996 by Adrian Moreno and Maria Samaniego.
Urban, architectural, interior and furniture design in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, Ecuador.
Winners of national and local competitions in urban design and architecture.
Research in architectural history in Quito.

Realizace a projekty

Major Built Projects:   
Samaniego House, Quito 1996
Mb6 House, Quito 1998
Castillo Hnos. Norte Hardware Store, Quito 2002
House 3, Quito 2004
Castillo Hnos. Sur Hardware Store, Quito 2005
House in a tree garden, Quito 2005
Observatory House, Quito 2005
Hogar 2000 interior design, Quito 2003-2007
El Descanso private houses, Quito 2006-2007
X House, Quito 2007
Ruales Izurieta Publicidad offices, Quito 2008
Plaza del Otorongo, Cuenca 2008
Major Awards:
National Architecture Award, 10th Architectural Biennial. Quito 1996
Special Honourable Mention, 12th Architectural Biennial Quito. 2000
Honourable Mention, 13th Architectural Biennial. Quito 2002
International and National Honourable Mentions for Interior Design,
13th Architectural Biennial. Quito 2002
2 nominations for the Mies van der Rohe Awards for Latin American Architecture, 1998, 2000
Finalists 5th BIAU (Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitectura y Urbanismo). Montevideo 2006
Winners of various architecture and urban design competitions in Ecuador
Major Exhibitions:
10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th Architectural Biennials. Quito 1996 - 2006
5th BIAU. Montevideo 2006
5th BIAU. Madrid 2007
AJI -Arquitectura Joven Independiente- various cities 2008

Major Publications:
Arquitectos y Arquitectura Siglo XXI, Ed. Trama. Quito 2000
Casas Contemporaneas del Ecuador, Ed. Trama. Quito 2002
Latin American Houses, Ed. Trama. Quito 2006
Revista Escala #206. Bogota 2006
5th BIAU, Ministerio de Vivienda de España. Madrid 2006
Entremuros #128, Grupo Reforma. Mexico 2007
Entremuros #132, Grupo Reforma. Mexico 2007
ION+ magazine # 2-3. Quito 2007
The Architectural Review #1323 May 2007 2008
The Architectural Review #1333 March 2008 2008
Revista Escala #211. Bogota 2008
+ Arquitectura magazine. Portugal 2008
ARC DESIGN magazine. Brazil 2008
Select magazine. Ireland 2008
Revista Enlace. Mexico 2008
LAB magazine. Russia 2008
Revista AU. Brazil 2008
1000 x Architecture of the Americas, Verlagshaus Braun. Berlin 2008
Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture, Phaidon Press. London 2008

Other Information:   
Lecturers at the 14th Architectural Biennial Quito BAQ 2004
Lecturers at the 21st CLEFA (Latin American Architecture Schools Conference) 2005
Lectures in Quito, Cuenca and Loja
Lecturers - organizers AJI 01 2008
Lecturers at the 16th Architectural Biennial Quito BAQ November 2008
Teachers in Quito and Loja
Founding members DOCOMOMO Ecuador