Birger Sevaldson: The Origin and Development of Systems Oriented Design

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03.03.2016 06:55
Přednáška se konáná 3. března 2016 od 18:00 na Technické univerzitě v Liberci, v aule budovy G, Studentská 2, Liberec

Systems Oriented Design has developed into a new practice for services, interaction and product design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It has initiated and started a international network which brings together similar initiatives world wide under the umbrella of Systemic Design. These activities have spurred the renaissance of systems thinking in design, this time more organically bridging the relation between design and systems thinking. The initiative has been met with a great deal of enthusiasm as a way forward for design to become more relevant and responsible.
The lecture will present Systems Oriented Design, its origin and development and the generation of the bigger field of Systemic Design nurtured by the Systemic Design Research Network and the Relating Systems Thinking and design symposia.
It will especially present current developments in Systems Oriented design where the core abilities of design are re-related to systems thinking. These are issues and discussions of the functions of composition, and orchestration as systemic approaches. Further on the theme of Gestalt will be discussed according to its systemic root and how it could be operationalized in modern systemic design. Finally new modes of sensemaking in Gigamapping will be presented and discussed.
Birger Sevaldson is professor at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He is member of the OCEAN design research association. He is trained as an interior architect and furniture designer and he has been practicing in various fields of design, including architecture and interior design, furniture design, industrial design and art based projects. He has a PhD in creative design computing and has been researching systems thinking in design for the last ten years. He is central in the development of Systems Oriented Design and his research focus is to develop systems oriented design thinking and practice for meeting the increased challenges of globalisation and the need for sustainability. He publishes in various themes including Systems Oriented Design, creativity, and research by design.
The event was kindly supported by EEA and Norway Grants.

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