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AV Monografías

Nakladatelství: Arquitectura Viva
ISSN: 8437010613074
Formát: 24 x 30 cm, brožovaná
Jazyk: anglicky, španělsky

199: Pezo Ellrichshausen

Between art and architecture, the work of Mauricio Pezo and Sofía von Ellrichshausen is a consistent mix of geometric, spatial, and structural experimentation, where each piece is conceived as a variation within a series. The introductory text by Fernando Pérez Oyarzun unveils the key aspects of the work of the Chilean architects and their particular way of understanding architecture, and is followed by a chronological journey through 32 works and projects developed since 2002, when they set up their studio in Concepción, 500 kilometers south of Santiago. This itinerary includes the bold prisms of their first houses – which brought them world renown – as well as their latest projects.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Geometric Disease
Fernando Pérez Oyarzun: Border Notes

Space Strategies

Rivo House, 2002-2003, Valdivia (Chile)
Poli House, 2002-2005, Coliumo (Chile)
Wolf House, 2005-2007, San Pedro (Chile)
Parr House, 2006-2008, Chiguayante (Chile)
Fosc House, 2007-2009, San Pedro (Chile)
Cien House, 2008-2011, Concepcion (Chile)
Solo House, 2009-2013, Cretas (Spain)
Arco House, 2010-2011, Concepcion (Chile)
Guna House, 2010-2014, Llacolen (Chile)
Faro Pavilion, 2010-, Santa María Island (Chile)
Gago House, 2011-2013, San Pedro (Chile)
Lamp Museum, 2011-, Concepcion (Chile)
Abba House, 2011-, Cabrero (Chile)
Mine Pavilion, 2013, Denver (United States)
Puca Building, 2013, Santiago (Chile)
Meri House, 2013-2014, Florida (Chile)
Blue Pavilion, 2013-2014, London (United Kingdom)
Ines Building, 2013-2017, Concepcion (Chile)
Ocho House, 2014, Los Vilos (Chile)
Paas House, 2014, San Pedro (Chile)
Nida House, 2014-2016, Navidad (Chile)
Cent Pavilion, 2015, Chicago (United States)
Quil, Quilapilun Farmhouse Cultural Centre, 2015-, Colina (Chile)
Vara Pavilion, 2015-2016, Venice (Italy)
Rode House, 2015-2017, Chonchi (Chile)
Utdt Building, 2016, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Deci Pavilion, 2016, Paris (France)
Tora House, 2016-, San Pedro (Chile)
Bell Pavilion, 2016-2017, Paris (France)
Loba House, 2016-2017, Coliumo (Chile)
Vela Pavilion, 2017, Santiago (Chile)
Eder House, 2017-, Kassel (Germany)

Běžná cena: 1 000 Kč

191-192: Herzog & de Meuron

The winning proposal for the Museum of the 20th Century in Berlin, one of the most important competitions in the contemporary scene, is the coda of this double issue on Herzog & de Meuron, the fourth monograph AV dedicates to the Swiss studio. With an introductory essay and thirteen critical texts by Luis Fernández-Galiano, the issue covers 34 works and projects developed over the last four years. Among them, two recently completed buildings already rise as landmarks of contemporary architecture: the Tate Modern extension in London and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: Fourth Movement
The Burning Hand

Works and Projects

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 2001-2016, Hamburg (Germany)
The Tate Modern Project, 2004-2016, London (UK)
Tai Kwun, Centre for Heritage & Art, 2006-, Hong Kong
56 Leonard Street, 2006-2016, New York (USA)
Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2006-2013, Miami (USA)
Triangle, 2006-, Paris (France)
Helsinki Dreispitz, 2007-2014, Münchenstein/Basel (Switzerland)
Naturbad Riehen, 2007-2014, Riehen (Switzerland)
New Headquarters for BBVA, 2007-2015, Madrid (Spain)
Feltrinelli Porta Volta, 2008-2016, Milan (Italy)
Roche Building 1, 2009-2015, Basel (Switzerland)
Beirut Terraces, 2009-2016, Beirut (Lebanon)
Musée Unterlinden, Extension, 2009-2015, Colmar (France)
Asklepios 8, Office Building on the Novartis Campus, 2010-2015, Basel (Switzerland)
Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux, 2010-2015, Bordeaux (France)
Ricola Kräuterzentrum, 2010-2014, Laufen (Switzerland)
Arena do Morro, 2011-2014, Natal (Brazil)
Chäserrugg, 2011-2015, Unterwasser (Switzerland)
Kinderspital Zürich, 2011-, Zürich (Switzerland)
Blavatnik School of Government, 2011-2015, Oxford (United Kingdom)
Zellwegerpark Uster, 2011-2015, Uster (Switzerland)
Jade Signature, 2012-, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida (USA)
One Park Drive, 2012-, London (United Kingdom)
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, East Ring, 2012-, Moscow (Russia)
Miu Miu Aoyama, 2012-2015, Tokyo (Japan)
M+, 2012-, Hong Kong
Vitra Schaudepot, 2013-2016, Weil am Rhein (Germany)
Meret Oppenheim Tower, 2013-, Basel (Switzerland)
National Library of Israel, 2013-, Jerusalem (Israel)
Stamford Bridge, 2013-, London (United Kingdom)
AstraZeneca’s Strategic R&D Centre and Global HQ, 2013-, Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Vancouver Art Gallery, 2014-, Vancouver (Canada)
Expo Milano 2015, Slow Food Pavilion, 2014-2015, Milan (Italy)
Museum of the 20th Century, 2016-, Berlin (Germany)

Critical Essays
Luis Fernández-Galiano
A Box is a Box is a Box
Stone Vintage
Rotterdam for You, Basel for Me
Woven Texts
White Magic
The Life of Forms
Founding Fathers
Building from Nature
The Intimacy of Roundness
Wall and Tapestry
Virtuous Triangles
Sudden Beauty
Just what is it that makes CaixaForum so different, so appealing?

Běžná cena: 2 100 Kč

189-190: MVRDV - Dream Works

Visionary and magical, the oeuvre of MVRDV is a collection of works, projects, and publications that amaze with their abundance and diversity. Since the studio was set up in 1993, Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, and Nathalie de Vries have shown a dazzling creativity that has placed them in the Dutch avant-garde of 21st century. AV Monographs devotes a double issue to their career with a selection of 30 works grouped into six chapters describing the most characteristic themes in their architecture: ‘Compact Puzzles’ (density), ‘Illusory Walls’ (form and skins), ‘Colorful Worlds’ (use of color), ‘Leisure Land’ (entertainment), ‘Green Fantasies’ (ecology and sustainability), and ‘Visionary Cities’ (analysis and utopias).

Luis Fernández-Galiano: Through the Looking Glass
Laura Fernández Suárez: Three Voices, One Vision

Compact Puzzles

WoZoCo Apartments, 1994-1997, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Silodam Housing, 1995-2003, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Mirador Building, 2001-2005, Madrid (Spain)
TEDA Urban Fabric, 2004-2009, Tianjin (China)
Le Monolithe Building, 2004-2010, Lyon (France)

Illusory Walls

Villa VPRO, 1994-1997, Hilversum (Netherlands)
Book Mountain, 2003-2012, Spijkenisse (Netherlands)
Rotterdam Market Hall, 2004-2014, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Glass Farm, 2008-2013, Schijndel (Netherlands)
Crystal Houses, 2012-2016, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Colorful Worlds

Hageneiland Housing, 2000-2003, The Hague (Netherlands)
Didden Village Attic, 2002-2006, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA), 2005, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Chungha Building, 2013, Seoul (South Korea)
Traumhaus Funari Masterplan, 2015-, Mannheim (Germany)

Leisure Land

Gyre Tokyo, 2005-2007, Tokyo (Japan)
Balancing Barn, 2007-2010, Suffolk (United Kingdom)
Comic & Animation Museum, 2011-, Hangzhou (China)
Rockmagneten, 2011-2016, Roskilde (Denmark)
Cultural Cluster, 2015-, Zaanstad (Netherlands)

Green Fantasies

NTR Headquarters, 1994-1997, Hilversum (Netherlands)
Expo 2000 Netherlands Pavilion, 1997-2000, Hannover (Germany)
Anyang Peak Viewing Tower, 2005-2006, Anyang (South Korea)
Almere Floriade 2022, 2012-, Almere (Netherlands)
Seoul Skygarden, 2015-, Seoul (South Korea)

Visionary Cities

Pig City, 2000-2001, Netherlands
Container City, 2001-2002, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
China Hills, 2009, China
Almere Oosterwold Masterplan, 2011-, Almere (Netherlands)
The Next Hutong, 2014, Beijing (China)

Běžná cena: 1 600 Kč

186-187: Álvaro Siza 1995-2016

The uniqueness, expressiveness and beauty of his work, as well as a tenacious dedication to his calling, turn Álvaro Siza into an architect that goes beyond the boundaries of the discipline, meriting further consideration: that of a great artist of our time. In this issue AV Monographs takes stock of the recent work of the master born in Matosinhos in 1933, through a selection of thirty buildings that begins in 1995 with the Portuguese Pavilion for Expo ‘98 in Lisbon, and ends in 2016 with the Auditorium in Llinars del Vallès. The issue also includes construction details that unveil how the pure volumes Siza traces by hand are transformed into zinc-plated roofs or self-bearing brick facades.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Knowing Hand
Jean-Louis Cohen: Architecture without Capital Letters

An Unbroken Line

Portuguese Pavilion at Expo 98, 1995-1998, Lisbon (Portugal)
University Rectory Building, 1995-1998, Alicante (Spain)
Van Middelem-Dupont House, 1997-2003, Oudenburg (Belgium)
Manzana del Revellín Complex, 1998-2012, Ceuta (Spain)
Zaida Building and Patio House, 1998-2006, Granada (Spain)
Ibere Camargo Foundation Museum, 1998-2008, Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Hombroich Architecture Museum, 2000-2008, Neuss (Germany)
Bouça Social Housing, 2000-2006, Porto (Portugal)
Ribera Serrallo Sports Center, 2000-2006, Cornella de Llobregat (Spain)
Municipal Library, 2001-2007, Viana do Castelo (Portugal)
Quinta do Portal Winery, 2001-2010, Celeirós do Douro (Portugal)
Armanda Passos House, 2002-2005, Porto (Portugal)
Pego House, 2002-2007, Sintra (Portugal)
Faculty of Education Sciences, 2002-2008, Lleida (Spain)
House in Mallorca, 2002-2008, Mallorca (Spain)
Pedras Salgadas Spa Renovation, 2002-2009, Bornes de Aguiar (Portugal)
Hotel Vidago Palace Expansion, 2002-2010, Vidago (Portugal)
Adega Mayor Winery, 2003-2006, Campo Maior (Portugal)
Multifunctional Hall, 2003-2007, Gondomar (Portugal)
Nadir Afonso Foundation, 2003-2015, Chaves (Portugal)
Fire Station, 2004-2012, Santo Tirso (Portugal)
Homes on Avenida da Boavista, 2004-2013, Porto (Portugal)
Anyang Álvaro Siza Pavilion, 2005-2006, Anyang (South Korea)
Assembly Hall of the University of the Basque Country, 2005-2010, Bilbao (Spain)
Virchow 6 Building at the Novartis Campus, 2005-2011, Basel (Switzerland)
Mimesis Museum, 2006-2010, Paju (South Korea)
Amore Pacific Research Center, 2007-2011, Yongin-si (South Korea)
Connection between Chiado and Terraços do Carmo, 2008-2015, Lisbon (Portugal)
Office Building for Shihlien Group, 2011-2014, Huaiyin City (China)
Auditorium Theater, 2011-2016, Llinars del Valles (Spain)

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

185: Alejandro Aravena

The Chilean Pritzker Prize winner takes centre stage in this timely instalment. Remarkable for his drive to put into practice ideas that can bring improvement to the city and peoples’ lives, Alejandro Aravena is taking this one step further with his theme for the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, “Reporting from the Front”. In keeping with this line of inquiry, the magazine offers readers the chance to discover the stories of many other architects from around the globe whose work has brought positive change to the built environment. Divided among participatory design, civic service, and sustainable landscape, the projects herein give an exemplary overview of Aravena’s distinctive practice.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: A Voyage in a Parachute

Lines of Action

Alejandro Aravena: Reporting from the Front
Hashim Sarkis: It’s Elementary (Not)

Participatory Design

Quinta Monroy Housing, 2001-2004, Iquique (Chile)
Renca Housing, 2006-2008, Santiago (Chile)
Monterrey Housing, 2008-2010, Monterrey (Mexico)
Lo Barnechea Neighborhood, 2008-2014, Santiago (Chile)
Villa Verde Housing, 2009-2013, Constitución (Chile)
Prototypes of Prefabricated Houses, 2008/2011

Civic Service

UC Faculty of Mathematics, 1998-1999, Santiago (Chile)
UC Medical School, 2001-2004, Santiago (Chile)
Siamese Towers, 2003-2005, Santiago (Chile)
St. Edward’s University Student Hall, 2006-2008, Austin (USA)
Cultural Center, 2010-2015, Constitución (Chile)
Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center, 2011-2014, Santiago (Chile)

Sustainable Landscape

Metropolitan Promenade, 2003-2015, Santiago (Chile)
Las Cruces Viewpoint, 2008-2010, Jalisco (Mexico)
Bicentennial Children’s Park, 2008-2012, Santiago (Chile)
PRES Constitución Masterplan, 2010-, Constitución (Chile)
Calama PLUS Masterplan, 2012-, Calama (Chile)
Seaside Promenade, 2012-2014, Constitución (Chile)

Běžná cena: 950 Kč

181: Fernando Menis - Mineral Constructions

Comprising three texts, twelve works, and six projects, this instalment’s focus on Spanish architect Fernando Menis brings to the forefront his idiosyncratic style, with works characterised by their adaptability and sustainability, combining strong material expression and the inherent elements of the urban or natural landscape with architecture. Barry Bergdoll describes the geological character of the architect’s work and its relevance in a globalised world, while Víctor Lledó, a collaborator at the studio, explains the working methods used there. Featured built works include La Orotava Botanical Garden, Alisios Social Housing, and the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: Music in Flames

Three Texts

Barry Bergdoll: Geological Architecture in the Global Age
Fernando Menis: Strength of Matter and Genius Loci
Víctor Lledó: Reason and Emotion: A Work Process

Twelve Works

MM House, 1995-1999, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
The Tank: a Cultural Space, 1997-2009, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Magma Art & Congress, 1998-2005, Adeje, Tenerife (Spain)
Cuchillitos de Tristán Park, 1998-2007, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
La Orotava Botanical Garden, 1999-, La Orotava, Tenerife (Spain)
Floating Pool on the Spree River, 2002-2004, Berlin (Germany)
Insular Athletics Stadium, 2004-2007, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Holy Redeemer Church, 2005-2008, La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain)
Sacred Museum and Plaza, 2006-2010, Adeje, Tenerife (Spain)
Alisios Social Housing, 2007-2009, La Laguna, Tenerife (Spain)
Jordanki Cultural and Congress Center, 2008-2015, Toruń (Poland)
Hotel Complex and Square, 2013-, Bürchen (Switzerland)

Six Projects

Morro Jable Auditorium, 2008-, Pájara, Fuerteventura (Spain)
Agora Garden Tower, 2010-, Taipei (Taiwan)
Cool Box, 2011-, Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí (Costa Rica)
Uppa Winery, 2013-, Crimea (Russia)
ZIM Area Development, 2013-, Samara (Russia)
Seafront Regeneration, 2015-, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Spain)

Běžná cena: 800 Kč

180: Lina Bo Bardi 1914-1992

The centenary of Lina Bo Bardi, born in Rome in 1914, has rekindled the fervour for her life and oeuvre. For many years, her role in 20th century architecture remained undervalued, but recent recognition of her strong multicultural character and new interest in Brazil as an emerging geopolitical powerhouse have combined to once more bring her work into the spotlight. Educated in Italy, she moved to Brazil after World War II following a yearn to humanise architecture, building for peoples’ everyday needs. This edition of the magazine closely examines her intense professional activity and lasting legacy through four critical essays and profiles of 20 exemplary projects.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Tired Goddess

Building the Everyday

Zeuler R. Lima: An Architect Committed to Life
Renato Anelli: From Design to Crafts
Olivia de Oliveira: The Symbolic Dimension
Guilherme Wisnik: An Anthropological Legacy

A Different Path

Glass House, 1951, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Affordable Housing, 1951
Museum on the Seashore, 1951, Sao Vicente (Brazil)
Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, 1957-1968, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Valéria P. Cirell House, 1957-1958, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Chame-Chame House, 1958-1964, Salvador (Brazil)
Solar do Unhao Refurbishment, 1959-1963, Salvador (Brazil)
Itamambuca Complex, 1965, Ubatuba (Brazil)
Cooperative Community Camurupim, 1975, Propriá (Brazil)
Espírito Santo do Cerrado Church, 1976-1982, Uberlândia (Brazil)
 Santa Maria dos Anjos Church, 1977, Ibiúna (Brazil)
SESC Pompéia Factory, 1977-1986, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Anhangabaú Toboga Valley, 1981, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Teatro Oficina Renovation, 1984, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Politheama Theater Renovation, 1985, Jundiaí (Brazil)
The Historic Center of Salvador, 1986, Salvador (Brazil)
Barroquinha Project, 1986, Salvador (Brazil)
Benin House Cultural Center, 1987, Salvador (Brazil)
Ladeira da Misericórdia, 1987-1988, Salvador (Brazil)
New Home for the Sao Paulo City Hall, 1990-1992, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

178-179: Rem Koolhaas OMA/AMO 2000-2015

Late in his career, the influential Dutch architect is still going strong. An advocate of the architect as a surfer of political and aesthetic waves, Rem Koolhaas embodies one who refuses to stay still when times change. This special issue celebrates his most recent output, featuring 20 buildings completed since 2000 (The Rotterdam, Seattle Central Library, Shenzhen Stock Exchange) and ten projects still in progress (Chu Hai College, PEX Toulouse). An introductory essay takes stock not only of his work but of Koolhaas himself, while ten brief texts focus on his latest period and a dozen essays published at different points in his career offer a retrospective view.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: The Swerve
Luis Fernández-Galiano: Looking for Koolhaas

Twenty Works

Prada Epicenter, 2000-2001, New York (United States)
Guggenheim Hermitage & Las Vegas, 2001, Las Vegas (United States)
Netherlands Embassy, 1997-2003, Berlin (Germany)
IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center, 1997-2003, Chicago (United States)
Central Library, 1999-2004, Seattle (United States)
National University Museum, 1997-2005, Seoul (South Korea)
Casa da Música, 1999-2005, Porto (Portugal)
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, 2006, London (United Kingdom)
Ruhr Museum and Visitors Center, 2006-2007, Essen (Germany)
Prada Transformer, 2008-2009, Seoul (South Korea)
Dee and Charles Wyly Theater, 2004-2009, Dallas (United States)
Milstein Hall at Cornell University, 2006-2011, Ithaca (United States)
Rothschild Headquarters, 2005-2011, London (United Kingdom)
CCTV Television Station and Headquarters, 2002-2012, Beijing (China)
The Interlace, 2009-2013, Singapore (Singapore)
Stock Exchange Headquarters, 2006-2013, Shenzhen (China)
De Rotterdam Building, 1997-2013, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
G-Star Raw Headquarters, 2012-2013, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 2012-2015, Moscow (Russia)
Prada Foundation, 2008-2015, Milan (Italy)

Ten Projects

Performing Arts Center, 2008-, Taipei (China)
Bryghusprojektet, 2008-, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Stadskantoor, 2009-, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Chu Hai College, 2009-, Hong Kong (China)
Musée National des Beaux-Arts (MNBAQ), 2010-, Quebec (Canada)
Multimedia Library, 2010-, Caen (France)
Parc des Expositions (PEX), 2011-, Toulouse (France)
Lab City at the École Centrale Paris, 2012-, Gif-sur-Yvette (France)
Axel Springer Campus, 2014-, Berlin (Germany)
11th Street Bridge Park, 2014-, Washington DC (United States)

Twelve Takes

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Exquisite Corpse
Silver Brick
Asian Fever
Herod in Jerusalem
Bitter Heroes
Learning in Las Vegas
The Show Must Go On
Asia on One Hand, Europe on the Other
The Butterfly’s Fate
Foam Rubber Avant-Garde
Stealth Aesthetic
Suspended Volumes

Běžná cena: 1 750 Kč

177: SNØHETTA - 25 Years, 25 Works

The Norway-based studio Snøhetta is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and to mark this occasion AV has selected 25 of its most important works and projects to summarize a career that soon became international. With offices in Oslo and New York – and ateliers in San Francisco, Innsbruck and Singapore – the studio has become a global brand with works across the planet. Featuring ten works, five structures and ten projects, the monograph is rounded off with articles by Craig Dykers (founding partner), Norwegian critic Ingerid Helsing Almaas (editor of the magazine Arkitektur N), and an introduction by Luis Fernández-Galiano, who highlights how the office favours design intensity over formal identity.

Luis Fernández-Galiano Wayfarers

Norwegian and Global

Craig Dykers Why (Do We) Bother?
Ingerid Helsing Almaas On-Going Conversations?

Ten Buildings

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 1989-2001, Alexandria (Egypt)
Karmoy Fishing Museum, 1998, Karmoy (Norway)
Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, 2000-2008, Oslo (Norway)
Petter Dass Museum, 2001-2007, Alstahaug (Norway)
National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion, 2004-2014, New York (USA)
Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, 2007-2014, Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
James B. Hunt Jr. Library, 2008-2013, Raleigh (USA)
Ryerson University Student Learning Centre, 2009-2015, Toronto (Canada)
Powerhouse Kjorbo, 2012-2014, Barum (Norway)
ZEB Pilot House, 2014, Larvik (Norway)

Five Structures

Tuballoon Band Shelter, 2006, Kongsberg (Norway)
Eggum Tourist Route, 2007, Lofoten (Norway)
Tverrfjellhytta Wild Reindeer Pavilion, 2009-2011, Dovre (Norway)
Dallas Park Pavilion, 2013, Texas (USA)
Central Station, 2014-, Houston, Texas (USA)

Ten Projects

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, 2007-2016, Dhahran (Saudi Arabia)
Times Square Reconstruction, 2010-2015, New York (USA)
Natural Science Museum, 2010-2017, Guadalajara (Mexico)
Max Lab IV Landscape, 2011-2016, Lund (Sweden)
Busan Opera House, 2012-2020, Busan (South Korea)
Riyadh Metro Station, 2012-2017, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Lascaux IV Caves Museum, 2013-, Montignac (France)
SFMOMA Expansion, 2013-2016, San Francisco, California (USA)
Calgary’s New Central Library, 2013-2018, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
Lofoten Opera Hotel, 2014-, Lofoten (Norway)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

176: LE CORBUSIER An Atlas of Landscapes

This special commemorative issue takes stock of the variety of approaches of a new generation of scholars with respect to the work of the distinguished and worldly architect. It covers Le Corbusier’s universe as presented through the geography of his travels, threading together his personal universe based on the very landscapes his projects inhabit, from Switzerland, France, Italy, and Spain, to India, the Americas and beyond. It presents a representative selection of works which portray the intellectual and artistic realm of one of the greatest architectural visionaries of the 20th century, gathering historical materials and images along with essays by Jean-Louis Cohen and others.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: Wayfarers

Norwegian and Global

Craig Dykers: Why (Do We) Bother?
Ingerid Helsing Almaas: On-Going Conversations

Ten Buildings

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 1989-2001, Alexandria (Egypt)

Juan José Lahuerta: Spain: Traveling to See the Already Seen

Barry Bergdoll: Paris: Beyond the Nineteenth-Century City
Tim Benton: Marseille: Unité d’Habitation, a Geography
Josep Quetglas: Ronchamp: A Landscape of Visual Acoustics

Antoine Picon: Algiers: City, Infrastructure and Landscape

Jorge Francisco Liernur: Argentina: the Geographical Gaze
Carlos Eduardo Comas: Brazil: Three Cities, Three Landscapes

Maristella Casciato: Chandigarh: Landscaping a New Capital

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

175: RCR ARQUITECTES International Portfolio

The region of La Garrotxa, in Girona, has provided the backdrop for the work of RCR Arquitectes (Aranda, Pigem, Vilalta). After AV 137, which presented the unique and unmistakable language developed by the Olot trio during the first twenty years of their career, the second monograph devoted to the Catalan studio illustrates RCR’s international expansion over the last decade. With introductory essays by William J.R. Curtis and Josep Maria Montaner, followed by six works, six projects in progress and six competition proposals, including large public infrastructures like the Soulages Museum, and transformation projects like the studio’s new headquarters in Bordeaux.

Luis Fernández-Galiano: Nature in Black
William J.R. Curtis: Dark Matter
Josep Maria Montaner: De Olot al mundo

Six Works

Barberí Space, 2004-, Olot (Spain)
Hofheide Crematorium, 2006-2014, Holsbeek (Belgium)
Soulages Museum, 2008-2014, Rodez (France)
La Cuisine Art Center, 2009-2014, Negrepelisse (France)
Malecaze House, 2009-2015, Vieille-Toulouse (France)
School Complex, 2010-2014, Font-Romeu-Odeillo-Via (France)

Six Projects

Waalse Krook Media Library, 2010-, Ghent (Belgium)
Gallery, Atelier and House, 2012-, Bordeaux (France)
‘L’Ilot Plaza’ Mixed-use Building, 2013-, Bordeaux (France)
Bois Fleuri Hotel, 2013-, Bordeaux (France)
Soulages House, 2013-, Rodez (France)
‘GAB’ Mixed-use Building, 2014-, Bordeaux (France)

Six Proposals

House for an Architect, 2005, Ghent (Belgium)
Congress Center, 2007, Nancy (France)
Building for Dependant Elderly People, 2009, Toulouse (France)
Museum of Lorraine, 2012, Nancy (France)
‘Le Jardin Intérieur’ Mixed-use Building, 2012, Pessac (France)
‘Le Triangle des Écluses’ Mixed-use Complex, 2012, Bordeaux (France)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

173-174: Spain Yearbook 2015

In spite of the difficult economic situation, the year has been marked by a moderate optimism at the first signs of recovery. Though some significant projects were halted, others moved forward, wrapping up one more year in which Spanish architecture has produced high quality buildings. The list of 24 works inaugurated during this period includes, along with buildings like the CaixaForum by Carme Pinós or the new Congress Center of Vegas Altas by Pancorbo, some interventions on existing structures, such as the Fine Arts Museum of Oviedo by Francisco Mangado, and the extension of an old school building by Gaudí, carried out by Pich architects.

Summary of the Year

Luis Fernández-Galiano
The Coming Gale
Chronicle of Four Seasons
2014, an Anthology

Cultural Crop
Asturias Museum of Fine Arts -  Francisco Mangado
Daoíz and Velarde Cultural Center - Rafael de La-Hoz
Bilbao Historical Archive of Euskadi - ACXT
(Badajoz) Vegas Altas Congress Center - Pancorbo, De Villar, Chacón & Martín Robles

Singular Symbols
CaixaForum, Zaragoza -  Carme Pinós
Madrid Barceló Market -  Nieto Sobejano
Las Palmas Incube Building - Romera & Ruiz arquitectos
Barcelona Puig Tower - Rafael Moneo

Social Health
Monterroso (Lugo) Health Center - Abalo Alonso arquitectos
(Barcelona) Health Center - Josep Mias
Las Palmas University Laboratories - ACH Arquitectos
Baena (Córdoba) Center for the Elderly - Gómez Díaz & Baum Lab

School Scale
Haro (La Rioja) Kindergarten - Taller Básico de Arquitectura
Zaragoza Valdespartera Kindergarten - Magén arquitectos
Barcelona Santa Teresa Ganduxer School Extension - Pich architects
La Laguna (Tenerife) School of Fine Arts - GPY arquitectos

Leisure Spaces
Rowing Center in Alange - José María Sánchez García
(Ciudad Real) Sports Center - Rojo/Fernández-Shaw
Las Palmas Gran Canaria Arena - LLPS Arquitectos
Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) Botanic Garden Extension - Artengo, Menis & Pastrana

Vital Ties
Madrid 20 Social Housing Units in Méndez Álvaro - Solid arquitectura / Soto Maroto
Pamplona Social Housing in the Historic Center -  Pereda Pérez Arquitectos
San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) 32 Social Housing Units - Alfredo Payá
Madrid Social Housing in Vallecas - Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
2014 in Twelve Buildings
Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

171-172: SANAA

Characterised by its immaterial quality and lightness, the architecture of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa blurs its forms redefining the limits between the real and the virtual, between construction and nature. This second monograph devoted to the Japanese architects covers their production from the year 2007 until today, including striking structures like the Rolex Center in Lausanne or the Louvre in Lens, or subtle ones like the Inujima Art Pavilions or the Teshima Museum. The expansion of the three offices and the Pritzker Prize they received in 2010 have by no means made them lose the radical approach that defines their work and thought, reflected in the two introductory essays.

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

170: Lacaton & Vassal - Strategies of the Essential

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Al servicio de la vida At the Service of Life

Richard Scoffier
Incubadoras: de lo genérico a lo cotidiano
Incubators: from the Generic to the Everyday

Fifteen Works

Latapie House, 1991-1993, Floriac-Bordeaux (France)
D House, 1996-1998, Lege-Cap-Ferret (France)
Palais de Tokyo, 1999-2001, 2010-2012, Paris (France)
Office Building, 2000-2002, Nantes (France)
Manifesto City, 2001-2005, Mulhouse (France)
Wine Cooperative and Cellar, 2001-2007, Embres-et-Castelmaure (France)
R House, 2003-2005, Keremma, Tréflez (France)
University of Management Sciences, 2003-2006, Bordeaux (France)
School of Architecture, 2003-2008, Nantes (France)
Bois-le-Pretre Tower Block Transformation, 2005-2011, Paris (France)
53 Housing Units, 2006-2011, Saint-Nazaire (France)
Housing Transformation, 2006-2014, Saint-Nazaire, La Chesnaie (France)
Student’s Hall and Social Housing, 2008-2013, Paris (France)
FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, 2009-2013, Dunkerque (France)
59 Dwellings in Neppert Gardens, 2009-2014, Mulhouse (France)

Five Projects

Five Stars Hotel, 2006-2015, Dakar (Senegal)
Development of a Neighborhood, 2007, Dublin (Ireland)
Porte de la Chapelle Urban Proposal, 2007, Paris (France))
La Vecquerie Eco-Area, 2009, Saint-Nazaire (France)
Transformation of a City Block, 2010, Boulogne-Billancourt (France)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

169: Ábalos+Sentkiewicz - Form, Matter, Energy

This instalment is devoted to the works of the prestigious office of Ábalos + Sentkiewicz. Inaki Ábalos himself contributes a lengthy essay on the theory behind the firm’s practice, and twelve projects – realised and as yet unbuilt – are featured in detail. Beginning with older works located in Madrid, such as the Lolita Office Building and Orfila Street Residential Pavilion, it traces a chronological path through the Antoni Tapies Foundation in Barcelona and Transport Hub and Urban Park in Logrono, to recent efforts further afield: a mixed-use complex in Beirut and the Zhuhai Contemporary Art Museum. With additional texts by David Cohn, Eduardo Prieto and Luis Fernández-Galiano.

Luis Fernández-Galiano
De lo técnico a lo térmico
From the Technical to the Thermal

Técnicas pintorescas Picturesque Techniques

David Cohn
Una sostenibilidad alternativa
An Alternative Sustainability

Eduardo Prieto
Monstruos termodinámicos: un diálogo
Thermodynamic Monsters: a Dialogue

La teoría  Theory

Inaki Ábalos
Por qué no dibujamos flechas Why We Don’t Draw Arrows
Interior: fuentes y sumideros Interior: Sources and Sinks
La batalla de las musas The Battle of the Muses
Prototipos y protocolos Prototypes and Protocols

La práctica   Practice

Pabellón residencial en calle Orfila Residential Pavilion on Orfila Street
2006-2009, Madrid

Edificio de oficinas Lolita Lolita Office Building
2006-2009, Madrid

Atelier Albert Oehlen Atelier Albert Oehlen
2007-2009, Bühler (Suiza Switzerland)

Casa Isasi en Itziar Isasi House in Itziar
2007-2014, Deba, Guipúzcoa

Fundación Antoni Tapies Antoni Tapies Foundation
2007-2010, Barcelona

Centro de ocio para mayores Leisure Center for the Elderly
2007-2011, Azuqueca de Henares, Guadalajara

Torre Solar Residential Solar Tower
2008-2012, Valencia

Estación intermodal y parque urbano Transport Hub and Urban Park
2009-2013, Logrono

Manzana de usos mixtos Mixed Use Block
2012-, Nanjing (China)

Complejo Yiwu Zhongfu Plaza Mixed Use Complex
2013-, Yiwu (China)

Conjunto residencial y comercial Residential and Retail Development
2013-, Beirut (Líbano Lebanon)

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Zhuhai Huafa Contemporary Art Museum
2013-, Zhuhai (China)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

167-168: Kengo Kuma - Atmospheric Works 2000-2014

In Kengo Kuma’s varied body of work, communion with nature is expressed in the lyrical abstraction of bareness, but also in the tactile palette of materials extracted from the earth. Using these, he creates intangible atmospheres and subtle worlds, linking his output to a certain spirituality that takes aesthetic experience to a higher level of contemplation. This volume examines more than 30 of Kuma’s most compelling recent works, and groups the individual projects into a progression of materials – from stone and ceramic to metal, glass, wood and bamboo, and finally concluding with fibres. Included are yet to be realised major projects in Spain, China, Italy and Switzerland.

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Plenitud del vacío   The Plenitude of the Void

Juhani Pallasmaa
Atmósferas líricas   Lyrical Atmospheres

Kengo Kuma
Terremotos y naturaleza    Earthquakes and Nature

Piedra/Cerámica  Stone/Ceramic

Pabellón de piedra Card Castle  Stone Card Castle
Monumento Ceramic Cloud Casalgrande Ceramic Cloud
Casa Lotus, 2003-2005, Japón Este Lotus House, 2003-2005, East Japan
Centro cívico Chokkura Plaza, 2004-2006, Takanezawa (Japón) Chokkura Plaza, 2004-2006, Takanezawa (Japan)
Museo Xinjin Zhi, 2008-2011, Chengdú (China) Xinjin Zhi Museum, 2008-2011, Chengdu (China)
Villas Jeju Ball, 2009-2012, Jeju (Corea del Sur) Jeju Ball, 2009-2012, Jeju (South Korea)

Metal  Metal

Refugio Chokkura  Chokkura Shelter
Pabellón de aluminio Polygonium Polygonium
Oficinas Z58, 2003-2006, Shanghái (China) Z58, 2003-2006, Shanghai (China)
Centro cultural Kyushu Geibunkan, 2008-2012, Fukuoka (Japón) Kyushu Geibunkan Cultural Center, 2008-2012, Fukuoka (Japan)
Casa Mesh/Earth, 2009-2011, Japón Este  Mesh/Earth, 2009-2011, East Japan
Centro comercial Tamagawa Takashimaya, 2010, Tokio (Japón) Tamagawa Takashimaya, 2010, Tokyo (Japan)

Vidrio   Glass

Villa Water/Glass  Water/Glass
Oficinas LVMH  LVMH Osaka
Hotel The Opposite House, 2005-2008, Pekín (China) The Opposite House, 2005-2008, Beijing (China)
Casa Glass/Wood, 2006-2010, New Canaan (EE UU) Glass/Wood House, 2006-2010, New Canaan (USA)
Tienda Tiffany Ginza, 2007-2008, Tokio (Japón) Tiffany Ginza, 2007-2008, Tokyo (Japan)
Centro de arte FRAC, 2007-2013, Marsella (Francia) FRAC Marseille, 2007-2013, Marseille (France)

Madera  Wood

Taller de cerámica Kyushu Kyushu Geibunkan (Annex 2)
Tienda Sunny Hills  Sunny Hills Japan
Centro de arte Besançon, 2007-2012, Besançon (Francia) Besançon Art Center, 2007-2012, Besançon (France)
Museo y centro de investigación Prostho, 2008-2010, Kasugai (Japón) GC Prostho, 2008-2010, Kasugai (Japan)
Museo Yusuhara Wooden Bridge, 2009-2010, Yusuhara (Japón) Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum, 2009-2010, Yusuhara (Japan)
Oficinas de turismo Asakusa, 2009-2012, Tokio (Japón) Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, 2009-2012, Tokyo (Japan)

Bambú   Bamboo

Puerta principal Pacific Flora 2004 Pacific Flora 2004 Main Gate
Instalación Nangchang-Nangchang Nangchang-Nangchang
Villa Gran Muralla, 2000-2002, Pekín (China) Great (Bamboo) Wall, 2000-2002, Beijing (China)
Hotel Ginzan Onsen Fujiya, 2002-2006, Obanazawa (Japón) Ginzan Onsen Fujiya, 2002-2006, Obanazawa (Japan)
Museo Nezu, 2004-2009, Tokio (Japón) Nezu Museum, 2004-2009, Tokyo (Japan)
Hotel Garden Terrace Miyazaki, 2010-2012, Miyazaki (Japón) Garden Terrace Miyazaki, 2010-2012, Miyazaki (Japan)

Fibras  Fibers

Prototipo Umbrella Casa Umbrella
Pabellón Hojo-an 800 anos después Hojo-an after 800 years
Centro comunitario Takayanagi, 1998-2000, Takayanagi (Japón) Takayanagi Community Center, 1998-2000, Takayanagi (Japan)
Casa de plástico, 2001-2002, Japón Este Plastic House, 2001-2002, East Japan
Mercado Yusuhara, 2009-2010, Yusuhara (Japón) Community Market Yusuhara, 2009-2010, Yusuhara (Japan)
Casa experimental Memu Meadows, 2009-2011, Japón Este Memu Meadows, 2009-2011, East Japan

Proyectos   Projects

Gran Espacio Escénico Ciudad de Granada, 2009, Granada (Espana) Granada Performing Arts Center, 2009, Granada (Spain)
Museo de la Academia de Arte de China, 2009, Hangzhóu (China) Museum at The China Academy of Art, 2009, Hangzhou (China)
Casa Chiva, 2011, Valencia (Espana) Chiva House, 2011, Valencia (Spain)
Rehabilitación de un astillero, 2012, Shanghái (China) Shanghai Shipyard, 2012, Shanghai (China)
Estación de tren SUSA, 2012, Turín (Italia) SUSA Train Station, 2012, Turin (Italy)
Pabellones bajo un mismo techo, 2013, Lausana (Suiza) Pavilions under one roof, 2013, Lausanne (Switzerland)

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

165 - 166: Spain Yearbook 2014

Summary of the Year

Luis Fernández-Galiano
The Optimism of the Will
Chronicle of Four Seasons
2013, an Anthology

Identity Signs
Madrid Repsol Campus
Rafael de La-Hoz 
Madrid Banco Popular Headquarters
Arquitectos Ayala
Barcelona Catalonia Institute of Economists
Roldán + Berengué
Las Palmas City of Justice
González, Sosa (nred architects) & Santiago

Institutional Pieces
Logroño Transportation Hub
Ábalos + Sentkiewicz
Palma de Mallorca Baluarte del Príncipe
Martínez Lapeña & Torres
Plaza Mayor of Almazán
Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo arquitectos
Barcelona Encants Market
b720 Fermín Vázquez arquitectos

Visible Traces
Ceuta Public Library
Paredes Pedrosa
Artesa de Segre (Lérida) Interpretation Center
Toni Gironès
Barcelona Born Cultural Center
Sòria & Cáceres
Sevilla Cerámica Triana Center, Seville
AF6 Arquitectos

Shared Knowledge
Curtis (La Coruña) Ethnographic Center
Barge & Bouza
Santiago de Compostela Museum of Pilgrimages
Manuel Gallego
Alicante Casa Mediterráneo Headquarters
Manuel Ocaña
Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Biology College
Héctor Fernández Elorza

Educational Frames
(Navarra) Kindergarten in Berriozar
Larraz, Beguiristain & Bergera
Leganés (Madrid) Kindergarten
Rueda Pizarro
Lloret de Mar (Gerona) Feixa School
Bosch Capdeferro
Begues (Barcelona) High School
López & Rivera

Living Together
Sevilla Housing in El Porvenir
DL+A De Lapuerta, Asensio & Campo
Coslada (Madrid) 118 Apartments for Young People
Amann, Cánovas & Maruri
Social Housing in Sa Pobla
Ripoll Tizón
Sant Cugat (Barcelona) Student Housing
H Arquitectes & dataAE

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
2013 in Twelve Buildings

Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

163 - 164: Norman Foster - In the 21st Century

Luis Fernández-Galiano
In Spaceship Earth

Norman Foster

Luis Fernández-Galiano
The ‘Naïveté’ of Foster

Material Homes
La Voile House, 1999-2002, Cap Ferrat (France)
Chesa Futura, 2000-2004, St Moritz (Switzerland)
Akao House, 1997-2004, Kamakura (Japan)
Leedon Park House, 2003-2006, Singapore (Singapore)

Design for Urbanity
Trafalgar Square Redevelopment, 1996-2003, London (United Kingdom)
Gerling Ring Mixed-use Development, 1995-2001, Cologne (Germany)
Rebuilding and Tower 2 of the World Trade Center, 2002; 2006-, New York (United States)
Santa Giulia Masterplan, 2003-, Milan (Italy)
Duisburg City Masterplan, 2007-, Duisburg (Germany)
Slussen Masterplan, 2008-, Stockholm (Sweden)
Masterplan for West Kowloon Cultural District, 2009-, Hong Kong (China)

Memory Recovered
Great Court at the British Museum, 1994-2000, London (United Kingdom)
Library and Restoration of the Free University, 1997-2005, Berlin (Germany)
Smithsonian Institution Redevelopment, 2004-2007, Washington DC (United States)
Museum of Fine Arts Extension, 1999-2010, Boston (United States)
Lenbachhaus Museum Redevelopment, 2002-2013, Munich (Germany)
Château Margaux Winery Extension, 2009-, Bordeaux (France)
Musée de la Romanité, 2011-, Narbonne (France)

Social Knowledge
McLaren Technology and Production Centres, 1998-2004; 2009-2011, Woking (United Kingdom)
Clark Center, 1999-2003, Stanford (United States)
Petronas University of Technology, 1998-2004, Seri Iskandar (Malaysia)
Supreme Court, 2000-2005, Singapore (Singapore)
Portia Winery, 2007-2010, Gumiel de Izán (Spain)
Bloomberg Headquarters, 2010-, London (United Kingdom)
Apple Campus 2, 2010-, Cupertino (United States)

Places of Encounter
Great Glasshouse at the Botanic Garden of Wales, 1995-2000, Carmarthenshire (United Kingdom)
The Sage Gateshead Music Centre, 1997-2004, Gateshead (United Kingdom)
Wembley Stadium, 1996-2007, London (United Kingdom)
Winspear Opera House, 2003-2009, Dallas (United States)
Central Market, 2006-2012, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
The SSE Hydro, 2005-2013, Glasgow (United Kingdom)
Vieux Port Redevelopment, 2010-2013, Marseille (France)

Building High
30 St Mary Axe Tower, 1997-2004, London (United Kingdom)
Deutsche Bank Tower, 1997-2005, Sydney (Australia)
Hearst Tower, 2000-2006, New York (United States)
Cepsa Tower, 2002-2009, Madrid (Spain)
The Troika, 2004-2011, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
The Bow, 2005-2013, Calgary (Canada)
425 Park Avenue, 2012-, New York (United States)

Movement Flows
Millennium Bridge, 1996-2000, London (United Kingdom)
Millau Viaduct, 1993-2004, Millau (France)
Dresden Station Redevelopment, 1997-2006, Dresden (Germany)
Beijing International Airport, 2003-2008, Beijing (China)
Queen Alia International Airport, 2005-2013, Amman (Jordan)
Kuwait International Airport, 2009-, Kuwait City (Kuwait)
Spaceport America, 2006-2011, New Mexico (United States)

Looking Forward
Masdar City, 2007-, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Masterplan for Dharavi, 2008-, Mumbai (India)
Thames Hub, 2011-, Isle of Grain (United Kingdom)
Habitable Lunar Settlements Study, 2009-2013, South Pole (Moon)

Běžná cena: 2 200 Kč

162: BIG - Bjarke Ingels 2001-2013

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Big Bang

Bjarke Ingels
Pragmatic Pleasures

Ten Works
Harbor Pool and Winter Baths, 2001-2003; 2012, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Maritime Youth House, 2002-2004, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Psychiatric Hospital, 2002-2005, Helsingør (Denmark)
VM Houses, 2003-2005, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Mountain Dwellings, 2003-2008, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Sjakket Community Building, 2006-2007, Copenhagen (Denmark)
8 House, 2006-2010, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Superkilen Urban Park, 2007-2012, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Danish Pavilion, 2008-2010, Shanghai (China)
Danish Maritime Museum, 2008-2013, Helsingør (Denmark)

Fifteen Projects
Education Center, 2009, Torshavn (Faroe Islands)
Energy Mansion Tower, 2009, Shenzhen (China)
Beach Resort, 2009, Hualien (Taiwan)
Kimball Art Center, 2010, Park City (USA)
West 57th Street, 2010, New York (USA)
Greenland National Gallery of Art, 2010, Nuuk (Greenland)
Waste Treatment Plant, 2010, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Transitlager Transformation, 2011, Basel (Switzerland)
Europa City, 2011, Paris (France)
Beach and Howe Mixed-Use Tower, 2011, Vancouver (Canada)
Koutalaki Ski Village, 2011, Levi (Finland)
Blåvand Museum Center, 2012, Varde (Denmark)
MÉCA Cultural Center, 2012, Bordeaux (France)
Observation Tower, 2012, Phoenix (USA)
Telus Sky Tower, 2013, Calgary (Canada)

Běžná cena: 900 Kč

161: Paulo Mendes da Rocha 1958-2013

The Humanist Builder

Guilherme Wisnik
Urbanizing Life: a Committed Technique

José María García del Monte
Structure and Form in Two Discreet Artifacts

A Work Rooted in Place

Gimnasio del Club Atlético Paulistano, 1958-1961, São Paulo (Brasil)
Sede social del Club de Hockey de Goiás, 1962-1963, Goiânia (Brasil)
Guaimbê Building, 1964-1966, São Paulo (Brazil)
Mendes da Rocha House, 1964-1967, São Paulo (Brazil)
Brazilian Pavilion for Expo ’70, 1969-1970, Osaka (Japan)
Masetti House, 1969-1970, São Paulo (Brazil)
Millán House, 1970-1974, São Paulo (Brazil)
Jardim Calux Kindergarten, 1972, São Bernardo do Campo (Brazil)
Serra Dourada Stadium, 1973-1975, Goiânia (Brazil)
King House, 1972, São Paulo (Brazil)
Junqueira House, 1976-1980, São Paulo (Brazil)
Jaraguá Building, 1984-1988, São Paulo (Brazil)
Brazilian Museum of Sculpture, 1986-1995, São Paulo (Brazil)
Chapel of Saint Peter, 1987-1989, Campos do Jordão (Brazil)
Forma Store, 1987-1994, São Paulo (Brazil)
Gerassi House, 1988-1991, São Paulo (Brazil)
Patriarca Square Remodeling, 1992-2002, São Paulo (Brazil)
State Art Museum, 1993-1998, São Paulo (Brazil)
FIESP Cultural Center, 1996-1998, São Paulo (Brazil)
Parque Dom Pedro II Bus Station, 1996, São Paulo (Brazil)
Quay of Arts, 2007-, Vitoria (Brazil)
New National Coach Museum, 2008-2013, Lisbon (Portugal)
FIESP Cultural Center, 1996-1998, São Paulo (Brazil)

Běžná cena: 850 Kč

159-160: Spain yearbook 2013

Summary of the Year

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Sinking Nations
An Urbanized Planet
From Austerity to Solidarity

2012, an Anthology

New Paths
Madrid Matadero Contemporary Art Center
Various Authors
Madrid Institute of Architects
Gonzalo Moure
Palencia Civic Center
Exit Architects
Palma de Mallorca Urban Spaces
Ferrer Forés & Vilanova

Institutional Pieces

Córdoba Contemporary Creation Center
Nieto & Sobejano
(Madrid) Spanish Film Library
Víctor López Cotelo
Zamora Advisory Board Building
Campo Baeza, F. Lorenzo, Redondo, G. Gaisán & Blanco
Albacete FEDA Headquarters
Cor & Asociados

Meeting Grounds

Toledo Congress Center
Rafael Moneo
Sevilla Congress Center
Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra
Zamora Ramos Carrión Theater
(Barcelona) Civic and Cultural Center
Martínez Lapeña & Torres

Material Knowledge

Madrid UAM Main Square
Pamplona School of Economics and Business
Juan M. Otxotorena
Granada Teacher Training School
Ramón Fernández-Alonso
(Tarragona) School of Art and Design
Sebastian & Puig

Scientific Spaces

(Murcia) Science Park
Retes Arquitectos
Vitoria E8 Building
Coll-Barreu Arquitectos
Pamplona Interpretation Center
Alday & Jover
Zaragoza Neuropsychiatric Center
José Javier Gallardo | G///bang

Residential Variants

(Asturias) Social Housing
Amann, Cánovas & Maruri
(Barcelona) Can Bisa Complex
Batlle & Roig
(Tarragona) Social Housing
Toni Gironès
Ceuta Social Housing
Inter National Design

A Year in the World

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
2012 in Twelve Buildings

Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 500 Kč

157-158: Herzog & de Meuron

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Third chapter
Attila and Tristan, the Romantic Imagination

Material mosaic
TEA, 1999-2008, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Plaza de España, 1999-2008, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)
Museum der Kulturen, 2001-2010, Basel (Switzerland)
CaixaForum Madrid, 2001-2008, Madrid (Spain)
Messe Basel New Hall, 2004-2013, Basel (Switzerland)
National Stadium, 2002-2008, Beijing (China)
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 2003-, Hamburg (Germany)
St. Jakob Tower, 2003-2008, Basel (Switzerland)
40 Bond Apartment Building, 2004-2007, New York (USA)
The Tate Modern Project, 2004-, London (UK)
1111 Lincoln Road, 2005-2010, Miami (USA)
Espacio Goya, 2005-, Zaragoza (Spain)
Actelion Business Center, 2005-2010, Allschwil (Switzerland)
Park Avenue Armory, 2006-, New York (USA)
VitraHaus, 2006-2009, Weil am Rhein (Germany)
Burgos Bulevar, 2006-2012, Burgos (Spain)
Central Police Station, 2006-, Hong Kong (China)
56 Leonard Street, 2006-, New York (USA)
Pérez Art Museum Miami, 2006-, Miami (USA)
Triangle, 2006-, Paris (France)
New Headquarters for BBVA, 2008-, Madrid (Spain)
Porta Volta Feltrinelli Foundation, 2008-, Milan (Italy)
Kolkata Museum of Modern Art, KMOMA, 2008-, Kolkata (India)
Atelier in Düsseldorf, 2008-2011, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Cultural Complex Luz, 2009-, São Paulo (Brazil)
Roche Building 1, 2009-, Basel (Switzerland)
Parrish Art Museum, 2009-2012, Water Mill, New York (USA)
Barranca Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2009-, Guadalajara (Mexico)
Lyon Confluence 2, Master Plan, 2009-, Lyon (France)
Stade Bordeaux Atlantique, 2010-, Bordeaux (France)
Pavilion at a lakeside, 2010-2011
Volkshaus Basel Phase 1, 2010-, Basel (Switzerland)
Schaulager Satellite, 2011-2012, Messeplatz / Art Basel, Basel (Switzerland)
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, 2011-2012, London (UK)

Běžná cena: 1 750 Kč

156: Europe, Living Together

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Living Together
In Praise of the Compact City

Twenty Works in Ten Countries
MySpace Residence, Trondheim (Norway)
Murado, Elvira & Krahe (MEK Architects)

Chips Building, Manchester (United Kingdom)
Alsop Architects

Heron Court, London (United Kingdom)
Bell Phillips

Housing for Artists, Brussels (Belgium)

Water Houses, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer

La Liberté Building, Groningen (Netherlands)
Dominique Perrault

Housing Block, Blaricum (Netherlands)
Casanova & Hernández

Residential Building, Munich (Germany)
Hild und K Architekten

Residential Complex in Adliswil (Switzerland)
Baumschlager & Eberle

Social Housing, Lyon (France)
Rue Royale Architectes

Residential Complex in Jesolo (Italy)
Gonçalo Byrne & Pedro Sousa

Housing in Santa Eugenia de Berga (Spain)
Bailo & Rull

Júlia Tower, Barcelona (Spain)
Vidal, Pons & Galiana

Tower 5, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain)
Roldán & Berengué

Social Housing, Pamplona (Spain)
AH Asociados

Social Housing, Vitoria (Spain)
Francisco Mangado

Social Housing in Vallecas, Madrid (Spain)
Núñez & Ribot

Housing in Carabanchel, Madrid (Spain)
José Cruz Ovalle

Social Housing, Alcorcón (Spain)
Burgos & Garrido

Residence for Elderly People (Portugal)
Aires Mateus

Běžná cena: 850 Kč

155: Portugal - Twenty teams

Luis Fernández-Galiano
On the Stone Raft

Jorge Figueira
The Booming Architecture of a Country in Crisis

Tour of Portugal

Quinta do Portal Winery, Celeirós do Douro
Álvaro Siza Vieira
Quinta do Vallado Winery, Vilarinho dos Freires
Guedes & De Campos

Côa Museum, Vila Nova de Foz Côa
Rebelo & Pimentel

Santa Ana’s Chapel, Sousanil
Law Court, Gouveia
Barbosa & Guimarães
Pedestrian Bridge, Covilhã
Carrilho da Graça & Afaconsult
Urban Remodeling, São Martinho do Porto
Byrne & Falcão de Campos
NuDi House, Vale de Santarém
Nuno Piedade Alexandre

9 April Garden Bar, Lisbon

Oceanarium Extension, Lisbon
Pedro Campos Costa

Stone Block Building, Lisbon
Alberto de Souza Oliveira
L’And Vineyards Hotel, Montemor-o-novo

House in Possanco, Alcácer do Sal
ARX Portugal & Stefano Riva
Garducho Biological Station, Mourão
João Maria Ventura Trindade
Marmelo Olive Oil Mill, Ferreira do Alentejo
Ricardo Bak Gordon

Bernardas Convent, Tavira
Eduardo Souto de Moura
Caves Access Galleries, São Vicente
Paulo David

Research Center, Lagoa das Furnas
Aires Mateus

C/Z House, São Roque do Pico
Volcano Interpretation Center, Capelinhos
Nuno Ribeiro Lopes

Běžná cena: 750 Kč
Naše cena: 700 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 636.36 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

153-154: Spain Yearbook

Summary of the Year

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Precipice and Protest
Dancing in Chains

2011, an Anthology

Stage Cast

El Batel, Cartagena (Murcia) Selgas & Cano
Congress Center, Águilas (Murcia) Barozzi & Veiga
Music Hall, Algueña (Alicante) Cor & Asociados
Alameda Theater, Tarifa (Cádiz) Bretones & González

Cultural Embers
Museum of the History of Lugo Nieto & Sobejano
Catalonia Film Library, Barcelona  Josep Lluís Mateo
Visitors’ Center, Ascó (Tarragona) Arquitecturia
School of Hostelry, Medina Sidonia (Cádiz) Sol89

Scientific Matter
ICTAM Hospital, Sevilla MGM (Morales, De Giles)
Rey Juan Carlos Hospital, Móstoles (Madrid)  Rafael de La-Hoz
Center for Biomedical Research, Pamplona (Navarra) Vaíllo & Irigaray
Waste Treatment Facility, Vacarisses (Barcelona) Batlle & Roig

Politics and Liturgy
Iesu Church, San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa) Rafael Moneo
Church in La Laguna (Tenerife) Fernando Menis
Provincial Government of Zamora Peña Tarancón & Fernández Nieto
Town Hall of Baeza (Jaén) Viar Estudio

Civic Shelters
Promenade and Palm Grove, Málaga Junquera Arquitectos
Metropol Parasol, Sevilla  Jürgen Mayer H.
Archaelogical Park Cover, Cartagena (Murcia)  Amann, Cánovas & Maruri
Covered Plaza and Footbridge, Ripoll (Gerona)  RCR & Joan Puigcorbé

Ways of Living
Social Housing in Méndez Álvaro, Madrid  Soto & Maroto
Social Housing in Vallecas, Madrid  Rueda & Pizarro
University Housing, Castelldefels (Barcelona) Mestura
House of the Xuklis, Barcelona MBM

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
2011 in Twelve Buildings

Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 400 Kč

152: The global school

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Master Walls

Richard Ingersoll
The School Under the Oak Tree

Childhood  experiencies
Timayui Kindergarten, Santa Marta (Colombia) - Giancarlo Mazzanti
 Leimondo Nursery, Nagahama (Japan) - Archivision Hirotani Studio
Fagerborg Kindergarten, Oslo (Norway) - Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Elementary School in Terenten (Italy) - feld72 architekten
Elementary School in Pamplona (Spain) - Pereda & Pérez
Elementary School in a Park, Zaragoza (Spain) - Carroquino & Grávalos Di Monte

Basic Teachings
Learning Center, Chimundo (Mozambique) - Bergen School of Architecture
Maria Grazia Cutuli School, Herat (Afghanistan) - 2A+P/A, IaN+, ma0, Mario Cutuli
School in the Desert, West Bank (Palestine) - ARCò
School Complex in La Courneuve (France) - Dominique Coulon & Associés
School in Paredes (Portugal) - Atelier Nuno Lacerda Lopes
Sant Gregori School, Barcelona (Spain) - Coll & Leclerc

Secondary Education
Sra Pou Training Center, Oudong (Cambodia) - Rudanko & Kankkunen
High School in Cape Town (South Africa) - Noero Wolff Architects
Charles de Gaulle School, Damascus (Syria) - Ateliers Lion
Evelyn Grace Academy, London (UK) - Zaha Hadid Architects
Lévi-Strauss High School, Lille (France) - Tank Architectes
Secondary School in Beja (Portugal) - BFJ Arquitectos

Běžná cena: 850 Kč

151: Souto de Moura 1980-2012

With a professional career of more than thirty years, the Portuguese master Eduardo Souto de Moura received the Pritzker Prize in its last edition, thus acknowledging his significance and influence in contemporary architecture. The current monograph gathers twenty of his most important works, from the laconic one-level houses of his beginnings to his more recent and monumental public buildings. The volume is completed with critical articles by Kenneth Frampton and Jorge Figueira.

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Melancholy and Metaphysics

Regional Root

Kenneth Frampton
The Knight’s Move

Jorge Figueira
Local and Global

From Porto to the World
Carandá Market, 1980-2001, Braga (Portugal)
Casa das Artes Cultural Center, 1981-1991, Porto (Portugal)
Faculty of Geological Sciences, 1989-1994, Aveiro (Portugal)
Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro, 1989-1997, Amares (Portugal)
House in Moledo, 1991-1998, Moledo (Portugal)
Burgo Offices Complex, 1991-2007, Porto (Portugal)
Apartment Block at Rua do Teatro, 1992-1995, Porto (Portugal)
Courtyard Houses, 1993-1999, Matosinhos (Portugal)
Residential Building, 1997-2001, Maia (Portugal)
Oporto Subway, 1997-2005, Porto (Portugal)
Cinema House Manoel de Oliveira, 1998-2003, Porto (Portugal)
Municipal Stadium, 2000-2003, Braga (Portugal)
Two Houses in Ponte de Lima, 2001-2002, Quinta de Anquião (Portugal)
Building at the Avenida da Boavista, 2004-2007, Porto (Portugal)
La Pallaresa Complex, 2004-2011, Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Spain)
Restructuring of the Robinson Factory, 2004-2011, Portalegre (Portugal)
Paula Rêgo Museum, 2005-2009, Cascais (Portugal)
Building at the Novartis Campus, 2005-2011, Basel (Switzerland)
Uitzicht Crematorium, 2005-2011, Courtray (Belgium)
Miguel Torga Cultural Center, 2007-2011, Sabrosa (Portugal)

Běžná cena: 850 Kč

150: Made in China

Since the beginning of the construction boom a decade ago, China has become a playground for architecture and urban experimentation. In ‘Made in China’, a new generation of architects reflects on the challenges they are faced with when balancing the fine line between modernity and tradition. Featured architects include Dong Yugan, Lei Tao Architect Studio, Liu Kecheng, and Hua Li.

A Country in Three Glances
Li Xiangning - Key Concepts of Chinese Architecture Today
Wang Lu - The Presence of Foreign Architects
Tang Keyang - Tradition and Transformation in Public Space

Twelve Works in an Itinerary
Qingshui House, Beijing - Dong Yugan
Songzhuang Artist’s Residence, Beijing - Tiantian Xu / DnA
Concave House, Benxi (Liaoning) - Lei Tao Architect Studio
Ordos Museum, Ordos (Inner Mongolia) - MAD Architects
Silk Road Museum, Xian (Shaanxi) - Liu Kecheng
Niyang River Visitor Center, Daze (Tibet) - StandardArchitecture & Zhao Yang Studio
Museum of Handcraft Paper, Xinzhuang (Yunnan) - Hua Li / Tao
Urban-Tulou Dwellings, Guangzhou (Guangdong) - Urbanus
Xiangshan Campus, Hangzhou (Zhejiang) - Amateur Architecture Studio
Community Center, Yangzhou (Jiangsu) - Zhang Lei / AZL Architects
Kindergarten in Jiading, Shanghai - Atelier Deshaus
The Waterhouse at South Bund Hotel, Shanghai - Neri & Hu

Běžná cena: 750 Kč

149: Jean Prouvé 1901 - 1984

This monographic publication covers the complete career of this exceptional French craftsman, designer and engineer. From the originality of his first furniture pieces to the sophistication of his later building systems, Prouvé’s work is an example of commitment with prefabrication and industrialization, but also with that tireless experimentation that turns him into a unique figure in the 20th century history of design and architecture. The issue, edited on the occasion of the exhibition devoted to Prouvé during the months of September and October 2011 at the Ivorypress gallery in Madrid, will include articles by prominent scholars and experts, as well as pieces by architects such as Norman Foster, Peter Sulzer and Jean-Louis Cohen.

Catherine Prouvé
Itineraries: a Biographical Portrait
Peter Sulzer
Shaping Years: from the Workshop to the Factory
Mariano Bayón
First Architectures: Buc and Clichy

Franz Graf
Complex Skins: the Facade of Windows
Ignacio Paricio
Complex Skins: the Facade of Windows
José María de Lapuerta
Prefabrication and Housing: Light Alternatives

Jean-François Archieri
From Maxéville on: Creative Maturity
Jean-Louis Cohen
Hands that See: the CNAM Lectures
Norman Foster
Jean Prouvé: Master of Structural Form

Běžná cena: 750 Kč

147-148: Spain 2011 Yearbook

This double issue gathers the selection of the best twenty-four projects completed during the year in Spain, accompanied by a review of the most important events in the international panorama, described from an architectural point of view in a series of articles by Luis Fernández-Galiano. The issue is completed with a selection of the twelve most representative international works and a chapter devoted to distinctions and disappearances.

Summary of the Year
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Days of Penitence
Roses in Winter
Spain and its Specter
2010, an Anthology

Larger Scale
Library and Archive of Galicia - Peter Eisenman
Cultural Center - Oscar Niemeyer
Manzana del Revellín Complex - Álvaro Siza
Museum of Human Evolution - Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Popular Culture
Auditorium - Francisco Mangado
L'Atlàntida Theater - Josep Llinàs
Museum - Amann, Cánovas & Maruri
Cap Vermell Center - Barceló & Balanzó

Buildings and Brands
Portia Winery - Foster & Partners
Regulatory Board - Barozzi & Veiga
Religious Art Business Park - Suárez & Santas
Institute of Architects - Arroyo & Pemjean

Social Cohesion
Town Hall Building - Mansilla & Tuñón
Pablo de Olavide University Lecture Hall - MGM (Morales, De Giles) & Hernández Valencia
Residence and Day Care Center - Alday & Jover
Health Center - Jordi Badia (BAAS)

Children's Programs
Plaza Ecópolis - Ecosistema Urbano
Elementary School - Rueda & Pizarro
Primary School - Alejandro Muñoz Miranda
Children's Learning Center - Paredes & Pedrosa

Basic Residence
131 Social Dwellings - Zigzag Arquitectura
Social Housing - Coll & Leclerc
22 Social Dwellings - Alberola, Díaz-Mauriño & Martorell
Summer Camps - OAB, Ferrater & Ayala

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
Chronicle of Four Seasons
2010 in Twelve Buildings
Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 400 Kč

146: Nieto & Sobejano 1999-2011

Twelve Critical Years

Richar Ingersoll
At Home in the World, a Comprehensive Journey

Jürgen Tietz
From Berlín, in Conversation with Context

Fuensanta Nieto y Enrique Sobejano
The Window and the Mirror, Frames of Thought

Twelve Interpreted Works

A cancealed Void
La Luz Castle
1999-2004, Las Palmas

Archeological Grounds
Madinat al-Zahra Museum
1999-2009, Córdoba

Historical Time
San Gregorio School National Museum
2000-2009, Valladolid

Addition Process
Canary Islands Museum
2003-2012, Las Palmas

Paintings of an Exhibition
Moritzburg Museum
2004-2008, Halle

The Roof as Generator
Kastner & Ölher Headquarters Extension
2005-2012, Graz

On the Urban Boundary
San Telmo Museum
2005-2011, San Sebastián

Combinatorial Series
Congress Center of Aragón
2005-2008, Zaragoza

Memory and Invention
Contemporary Art Center
2005-2011, Córdoba

Deep Surfaces
Joanneum Museum
2006-2012, Graz

Pedagogical Landscape
Interactive Museum of History
2007-2012, Lugo

Density and Hybridation
Barceló Market, Sports Center and Library
2007-2012, Madrid

Běžná cena: 750 Kč

145: Houses in detail

Twelve Works in Spain

Zafra-Uceda House, Aranjuez (Madrid)
Eduardo Arroyo

Moliner House, Zaragoza
Alberto Campo Baeza

Casa 1+1=1, Los Penascales (Madrid)
Inaqui Carnicero

House in Cedeira, La Coruna
Casajuana, Casares & González

House in Carmena, Toledo
Izaskun Chinchilla

House en Olot, Gerona
Clotet & Paricio, Abeba

AA House, Vallés Occidental (Barcelona)
Ferrater & Martí

Casa Garoza 10.1, Munogalindo (Ávila)
Juan Herreros

House in Never Never Land, Cala Vadella (Ibiza)
Andrés Jaque

House for a Swimmer, Murcia
Martín Lejarraga

House in Puente Sarela, Santiago (La Coruna)
López Cotelo & Vargas

House in San Vicente del Raspeig, Alicante
Alfredo Payá

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Pentimento Pentimento

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(bez 10 % DPH: 590.91 Kč)
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144: Mansilla + Tunon

This comprehensive monograph profiles the work of Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón Alvarez. Award-winning professors at the Madrid School of Architecture, the pair’s progressive and popular building activity is dedicated to the clash of academic theory and practice. Twenty works are featured, illustrated by plans, photographs, drawings and texts. Accompanying essays by Luis Fernández-Galiano, Francesco Dal Co and Stan Allen analyze the duo’s “rich and varied series of architectural experiences.”

Twenty Years: Open Codes
Francesco Dal Co: The Friction of Context, from Zamora to Venice
Stan Allen: Disciplined Play, the Latest Projects

Twenty Works: Heavy Light
Provincial Museum, 1992-1996, Zamora
Swimming Center, 1994-1998, San Fernando de Henares
City of León Auditorium, 1994-2002, León
Museum of Fine Arts, 1996-2000, Castellón
Regional Archive and Library, 1996-2002, Madrid
Royal Collections Museum, 2000, Madrid
Contemporary Art Museum (MUSAC), 2001-2004, León
Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation, 2003-2005, Vigo
Museum of Cantabria, 2003, Santander
Villa 08, 2003, Nanjing (China)
Town Hall Building, 2004-2010, Lalín
Atrio Hotel and Restaurant, 2005-2010, Cáceres
Helga de Alvear Foundation, 2005, Cáceres
Museum of Automotion, 2006, Torrejón de la Calzada
Twin Houses, 2006-2010, Tarifa
Museum of Migrations, 2007, Algeciras
International Convention Center, 2007, Madrid
Energy Dome, 2008, Soria
Center of the Sanfermines, 2009, Pamplona
Vega Baja Museum, 2010, Toledo

Běžná cena: 850 Kč

143: Buckminster Fuller

Norman Foster & Luis Fernández-Galiano: Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth
Luis Fernández-Galiano: Fuller Abridged

Hsiao-Yun Chu: A Biographical Sketch
Allegra Fuller Snyder: Growing Up with Bucky

Thomas T. K. Zung: Houses for the Future
Mark Wigley: Broadcasting Shelter
Norman Foster: The Dymaxion Car: its Context
Shoji Sadao: A Brief History of Geodesic Domes

Deyan Sudjic: How Much Does Your Building Weigh?
Fred Turner: A Technocrat for the Counterculture

Běžná cena: 750 Kč

141-142: Spain Yearbook 2010

Summary of the Year
Luis Fernández-Galiano
Here Comes the Cold
Criticism and Crisis

Urban Scale
Ávila Exhibition and Congress Center - Francisco Mangado
Lérida La Llotja Congress Center - Mecanoo & LABB
Barcelona Can Framis Museum - Jordi Badia (BAAS)
Benidorm (Alicante) Waterfront - Ferrater & Martí (OAB)

Efficient Skins
Barcelona Media TIC Building - Cloud 9
Vigo Galicia Institute of Architects - Irisarri & Piñera
Los Barrios (Cádiz) Hercules Tower - Rafael de La-Hoz
Torres Porta Fira, Barcelona Porta Fira Towers - Toyo Ito & b720

Programatic Answers
Barcelona Eye Microsurgery Institute - Josep Llinàs
Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid) Police Station - Picado & De Blas
Rafal (Alicante) High School - Grupo Aranea
Málaga University Complex - Luis Machuca

Elementary Containers
Barceló, Madrid Barceló Temporary Market - Nieto & Sobejano
San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid) Industrial Warehouse - AMID [cero9]
Picón (Ciudad Real) 14 Viñas Winery - S-M.A.O.
Zafra (Badajoz) Municipal Theater - Enrique Krahe

Recovered Memory
Baza (Granada) Arab Baths - Francisco Ibáñez
Pamplona The Constable’s House - Tabuenca & Leache
Barcelona Antoni Tàpies Foundation - Ábalos & Sentkiewicz
Lanjarón (Granada) Water Museum - Juan Domingo Santos

Ways of Living
Santiago de Compostela Residential Complex - López Cotelo & Vargas
Ceuta Social Housing - MGM, Morales, Giles & Mariscal
Carabanchel, Madrid 82 Apartments - Amman, Cánovas & Maruri
Madrid 132 Apartments - Estudio Entresitio

A Year in the World

Luis Fernández-Galiano
Twelve Months in Press Covers
Chronicle of Four Seasons
2009 in Twelve Buildings

Distinctions and Disappearances

Běžná cena: 1 400 Kč

140: 50 Small Works

Luis Fernández-Galiano: More in Less

Miradors: Landscape
Astearchitecture: Viewing Platform, Tyrol (Austria)
Ateliereen Architecten: Lookout Tower, Reusel (The Netherlands)
Architektur & Landschaft: Observation Tower, Brandenburg (Germany)
70ºN arkitektur: Rest Area, Torvdalshalsen (Norway)
Guallart Architects: Microcoasts in Vinarós, Valencia (Spain)

Classrooms: Education
Pasi Aalto: Soe Ker Tie Orphanage, Noh Bo (Thailand)
Haugen Zohar Arkitekter: Kindergarten Classroom, Trondheim (Norway)
Li Xiaodong Atelier: Bridge School, Fujian (China)
Pascale de Tourdonnet/L’Atelier Provisoire: Classroom-Workshop, Bordeaux (France)
Karo Architekten: Open-Air Library, Magdeburg (Germany)

Chapels: Worship
Luís Ferreira Rodrigues: St. Columbina Chapel, Gimonde (Portugal)
Beton: Wooden Church, Tarnów (Poland)
Kunze Seeholzer: Chapel of St. Benedict, Kolbermoor (Germany)
Estudiantes del IIT de Chicago: Field Chapel, Bödigheim (Germany)
Moorhead & Moorhead: Mobile Chapel, Fargo (United States)

Galleries: Art
Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas: Granary in Huescar, Granada (Spain)
studioMAS: Circa Art Gallery, Johannesburg (South Africa)
Hooper & m3architecture: Memorial to a Tree, Barcaldine (Australia)
Yasutaka Yoshimura: Exhibition Container, Tokyo (Japan)
Elisa Valero Ramos: Art Space in the Mountains, Madrid (Spain)

Stations: Journey
Netzwerk Architekten: Transport Interchange, Darmstadt (Germany)
Form-Art: Parking Deck, Linz (Austria)
Baumschlager Eberle: Pier, Fussach (Austria)
Subarquitectura: Tram Stop, Alicante (Spain)
L3P Architekten: Bicycle Parking, Zurich (Switzerland)

Pavilions: Exhibition
SANAA: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London (United Kingdom)
Zaha Hadid: Chanel Art Pavilion, New York (United States)
UNStudio: Burnham Pavilion, Chicago (United States)
OMA/AMO: Transformer Pavilion for Prada, Seoul (South Korea)
Tezuka Architects: Wooden Pavilion, Ninotaira (Japan)

Studios: Work
Valerio Olgiati: Atelier Bardill, Scharans (Switzerland)
Piet Hein Eek: Studio for a Musician, Hilversum (The Netherlands)
Selgas & Cano: Architecture Studio, Madrid (Spain)
dmvA Architecten: Mobile Office (Belgium)
Korteknie & Stuhlmacher: Studio for Artists, Utrecht (The Netherlands)

Shelters: Dwelling
Ensamble Studio: House on the Death Coast, Galicia (Spain)
Sanei Hopkins Architects: Mobile Home, Suffolk (United Kingdom)
Sou Fujimoto: Wooden Hut, Kumamoto (Japan)
Bearth & Deplazes/ETH Zürich: Monte Rosa Shelter, Valais (Switzerland)
Baumraum: Treehouse, Osnabrück (Germany)

Facilities: Leisure
Julien Boidot: Summer Campground, Vaas (France)
DJ Arquitectura: Public Swimming Pool, Granada (Spain)
Group 8: Aviary, Geneva (Switzerland)
Pacific Environments Architects: Restaurant, Warkworth (New Zealand)
White Arkitekter: Bathing Platform, Kastrup (Copenhagen)

Kiosks: Commerce
Wellmann Ladinger: Shack on the Staufensee, Dornbirn (Austria)
Spillmann Echsle Architekten: Freitag Shop, Zürich (Switzerland)
Brut Deluxe: Kiosk m.poli, Madrid (Spain)
Topos Architecture: Fast Food Stall, Saint-Nazaire (France)
Satoshi Ohtaki/Wood Program: Ice Cream Stand, Hanko (Finland)

Běžná cena: 740 Kč

139: Museums of the World

Containers and Contents
Luis M. Mansilla, Emilio Tuñón: Construction, Art and People
Adela García-Herrera: Exposed to Show, Recent Museography
David Cohn: Upcoming Projects: The Reluctant Icon

A Journey in Twelve Stages
New Acropolis Museum, Athens (Greece) - Bernard Tschumi
MAXXI, Rome (Italy) - Hadid & Schumacher
Punta della Dogana, Venice (Italy) - Tadao Ando
Brandhorst Museum, Munich (Germany) - Sauerbruch & Hutton
Swiss Museum of Transport, Lucerne (Switzerland) - Gigon & Guyer
Pompidou Center, Metz (France) - Ban & De Gastines
Lighthouse Museum, Cascais (Portugal) - Aires Mateus
Knut Hamsun Center, Hamarøy (Norway) - Steven Holl
Art Institute Modern Wing, Chicago (United States) - Renzo Piano
Anchorage Museum, Alaska (United States) - David Chipperfield
Towada Art Center, Aomori (Japan) - Ryue Nishizawa
History Museum, Ningbo (China) - Amateur Studio

Běžná cena: 740 Kč

138: Latin America 2010

Luis Fernández-Galiano
The Bicentennial Americas

Miquel Adriá
Mexico, the Persistence of Tradition
MUAC, Mexico D.F. - Teodoro González de León
School of Plastic Arts, Oaxaca - Mauricio Rocha
Chocolate Museum, Toluca - Michel Rojkind
Kasuga House, Mexico D.F. - El Cielo Arquitectos

Jorge Pérez Jaramillo
Colombia, the Social and Urban Revival
España Library, Medellín - Giancarlo Mazzanti
Las Mercedes School, Medellín - Juan Manuel Peláez
Public Library, Villanueva - Torres, Piñol, Ramírez & Meza
Taller Croquis House-Workshop, Cali - Husos

Roberto Segre
Brazil, the Ideas in the Labyrinth
FDE Public School, São Paulo - Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz
Office Building, São Paulo - Triptyque
Midrash Center, Rio de Janeiro - Isay Weinfeld
Rio Bonito House, Nova Friburgo - Carla Juaçaba

Alberto Petrina
Argentina, the Awakening of the Province
Perón Mausoleum, San Vicente - AFRA-LGR-Fernández Prieto
Residential Building, Buenos Aires - Diéguez-Fridman Arquitectos
Fine Arts Museum, Córdoba - GGMPU Arquitectos
Quincha I and II, Rosario - Rafael Iglesia

Fernando Pérez Oyarzún
Chile, Matter and Landscape
Office Building, Providencia - Alberto Mozó
Remota Hotel in Patagonia - Germán del Sol
Shelter and Viewpoints for Tourists - Grupo Talca
Parr House, Chiguayante - Pezo & Von Ellrichshausen

Běžná cena: 750 Kč

135-136: Spain Yearbook 2009

A year of Spanish architecture is collected in this yearbook and examined against the backdrop of a dramatic year that has left particularly deep economic wounds in the country. Guided by two articles by Luis Fernández-Galiano which survey the most important events of the year, the yearbook subsequently reviews a solid selection of twenty-four outstanding building projects. Clustered in six different themes such as Urban Culture, Sustainable Gathering and Residential Alternatives, all projects are captured through full-page colour photographs, plans and details, and accompanied by introductory notes. Featured alongside Herzog & de Meuron’s TEA project in Tenerife and and Moneo’s Deusto University Library, Bilbao, are such buildings as Alberto Campo Baeza’s Andalucian Museum of Memory, Granada, Nieto & Sobejano’s Congress Center, Zaragoza, MVRDV & Blanca Lleó’s Celosía Building in Sanchinarro, Madrid, and Chipperfield & b720 Arquitectos’ City of Justice, Barcelona. The publication closes with a survey of architectural highs and lows found over the last year.

Urban Culture
TEA, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Herzog & de Meuron

Deusto University Library, Bilbao

Rafael Moneo

Canal Theaters, Madrid 

Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Andalucía Museum of Memory, Granada 

Alberto Campo Baeza

Civic Role
City of Justice, Barcelona 

David Chipperfield & b720 Arquitectos

Basque Health Department Headquarters, Bilbao 

Coll-Barreu Arquitectos

Parish Center, Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Madrid) 

Vicens & Ramos

Church and Parish Center, Pamplona 

Tabuenca & Leache

Dry Sports
Olympic Tennis Center, Madrid

Dominique Perrault

Indoor Pool in Manlleu, Barcelona 

RCR, Aranda, Pigem & Vilalta

Sports Technification Center, Cáceres 

José María Sánchez García

Fishermen Warehouses in Cangas, Pontevedra

Irisarri & Piñera

Sustainable Gathering
Expo 2008 Spanish Pavilion, Zaragoza

Francisco Mangado

Congress Center, Zaragoza 

Nieto & Sobejano

Bridge Pavilion, Zaragoza 

Hadid & Schumacher

The Water Park, Zaragoza 

Alday Jover & L’Atelier du Paysage

Touristic Landscapes
Protos Winery, Peñafiel (Valladolid) 

Rogers Stirk Harbour & Alonso Balaguer
La Olmeda Roman Villa, Palencia 

Paredes & Pedrosa 

Parador of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid 

Aranguren & Gallegos

La Mola Hotel in Terrasa, Barcelona 

b720 Arquitectos

Residential Alternatives
Celosía Building in Sanchinarro, Madrid 

MVRDV & Blanca Lleó

Housing in Expo 2008, Zaragoza

Basilio Tobías

Housing in Plaza Lesseps, Barcelona

OAB, Ferrater & Asociados 

Housing for Senior Citizens, Alicante 

Javier García-Solera

A Year in the World
Luis Fernández-Galiano:
Twelve Months in Press Covers
, Chronicle of Four Seasons, 
2008 in Twelve Buildings

132: Houses of the Masters

From Melnikov to Aalto, and from Schindler to Prouvé, the houses that these great masters of the 20th century have built for themselves have constantly proved to be an ideal testing ground to express and develop their interests and obsessions. An essential collection of architect’s private houses are surveyed here through photographs, comprehensive original documentation and a detailed analysis of these works by José María de Lapuerta, professor at the Madrid School of Architecture.
  • José María de Lapuerta: Ten Modern Experiences
  • 1921-1922 - Schindler House, Los Angeles (United States) - Rudolf M. Schindler
  • 1927-1929 - Experimental House, Moscow (Russia) - Konstantin Melnikov
  • 1932-1963 - VDL House, Los Angeles (United States) - Richard Neutra
  • 1936-1937 - Summer House, Stennäs (Sweden) - Gunnar Asplund
  • 1941-1942 - The Box, Lissma (Sweden) - Ralph Erskine
  • 1952-1953 - Brick House, Muuratsalo (Finland) - Alvar Aalto
  • 1954 - Prefabricated House, Nancy (France) - Jean Prouvé
  • 1961-1962 - Pavilion, Wiltshire (United Kingdom) - Alison & Peter Smithson
  • 1965-1968 - Dieste House, Montevideo (Uruguay) - Eladio Dieste
  • 1967-1985 - Summer Shelter, Bueu (Spain) - Ramón Vázquez Molezún

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