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47: The System

This issue focuses on “The System”, an indicator of the complex interaction of the economy, professional practice, and personal choice. Although it seems ambiguous, the term hints at an intention to change whatever “it” is, or stands for. It encourages architects to think beyond the mythical point zero (zero emissions, zero warming, zero waste), and instead speculate on what future should be envisioned, what society we strive for. Sustainability means more than applying the right systems and norms, and architecture must enact this shift towards non-exhaustive cycles, to start reusing and reclaiming. Through more than 20 critical analyses and case studies, a way forward is manifested.

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45: Learning


While education is currently working its way through an existential crisis, learning is flourishing. Learning is not a self-contained period of time and place in which we magically transform into adults, but rather a life-long condition, a process that now permeates everywhere and everything at all times. In this issue of Volume, we’re thinking about what it means to learn: how it happens, where, by what, for whom, and why. Learning points us in a direction and gives us tools; does it also teach us how to use them and make a move?

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(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
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39: Urban Border


The 2013 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in Shenzhen took ‘urban border’ as its theme. For good reason. If there is a place to study ‘border’ as condition, it is Shenzhen. Demographic, territorial, economic, political, social, and legal borders created this fifteen million city in less than thirty-five years, and drive its further development. The transformation of this ‘factory of the world’ into a post-industrial economy and society, the disappearance of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen divide in 2047, and the reconciliation of state capitalism and communist rule, are but three of the challenges Shenzhen is facing, to which its role and position in the larger-scale development of the Pearl River Delta can be added.
History in the making while we speak. This issue of Volume, acting as a special catalogue of the UABB\Shenzhen 2013, presents an extensive survey of border conditions and border realities inside and outside Shenzhen’s territory and demonstrates how one specific border, the industrial park Shekou where Shenzhen’s history started, can be a catalyst for future development.

With contributions by Huang Weiwen, Zhang Yuxing, Li Xiangning, Jeffrey Johnson, Ole Bouman, Zheng Yulong, Mary Ann O’Donnell, Yang Xiaodi, Yin Yujun, Adrian Blackwell, Linda Vlassenrood, Doreen Heng Liu, Liu Guangyun, Chen Zetao, Chris Lai, Dai Yun, Corinna Gardner, Space Caviar, Rafi Segal, Yonatan Cohen, Rufina Wu, Stefan Canham, Harry den Hartog, Daan Roggeveen, Michiel Hulshof, Stefan Al, Zhang Xiaojing, Chen Zhou, Ni Weihua, and Jeremy Till.

37: Is This Not A Pipe?

Life in buildings is supported by pipes. Ducts, conduits, water mains, and cables support biological and social life in spaces that are today held together by air-conditioning, electricity, and telecommunications as much as by form and materials. But while pipes and the machines they connect are part of buildings, they are often left out of architecture. It's fascinating to see how architects dealt with pipes in history and what challenges they face today. This issue presents C-lab's research and includes contributions by Mark Wigley, John Hejduk, Kiel Moe, An Te Lui and others.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

36: Ways to be critical

The critic is dead. Long live the network! So it goes in our world of diffuse and shared knowledge. But if criticism has evolved into criticisms, how can we interpret and learn from the babble of opinions? This dilemma comes in tandem with another: the crisis of publishing. With declining print sales and slashed subsidies, many critics are out of work. Two fundamental tasks lie ahead: reviving the productive value of criticism, and finding new profitable ways to broadcast it to the world.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

34: City in a Box

Volume presents the latest in New Town development: the city as enterprise.

With the exponential growth of urban populations, thousands of new towns and city extensions will be needed in the near future. While governments are seemingly in retreat, the private sector has stepped in to fill the gap. Private-sector development is nothing new, but scale and ambition are on the rise. Single companies now vie to build entire cities, and package their services so that their product can be replicated elsewhere. To tackle this complexity – of building whole cities from scratch – new organizational models are being drafted, financial tools invented, and the dynamic between client, investor, developer, designer, builder, and end-user is fundamentally shifting.

Meet the people driving and managing these multibillion dollar projects, directors from Cisco, Gale International, Landor, KPF, and Living PlanIT, the city manager running Lavasa (India), and urban technology consultantsa And read those who put these efforts into perspective: Usman Haque, Hans de Jonge, Todd Reisz, Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout, Dan Hill, Jonathan D. Solomon, Malkit Shoshan, Michèle Champagne, ARE + Chiara Quinzii Diego Terna Architecture, Yvonne van Remmen, Edwin Hans, Rachel Keeton, Paul Kroese and Marijntje Denters. Volume 34 includes an insert by Bik van der Pol & 98 weeks on the reality of public space in Beirut as seen through the eyes of taxi drivers.

This issue was made in close collaboration with the International New Town Institute.


30: Privatize!

What used to be collective care is rapidly becoming private responsibility. At least in the West. Is privatization the one fits all solution to every (financial) problem? Can addressing collective needs be thought of as the sum total of numerous private initiatives? And will the ‘retreat’ of government and state be compensated by other ways to organize the complex organism called society?

Volume maps realities, enlists challenges, and presents options. With peak previews into tomorrow’s society and economy, a dossier on practices and principles of how to build your own home around the globe, lessons in adaptation from Istanbul and the UK, and as special insert: Trust Design part four — Public Private.

Contributions by Joost de Bloois, Bart Goldhoorn, Amelia Borg, Vincent van Velsen, Oscar Gential, Marijn de Waal and Michel de Lange, Rob van Kranenburg, Rory Hyde, Miguel Robles-Duran, Ginger Zaimis, Michel Hulshof and Daan Roggeveen, Chris Lee, Ronald Wall, Monica Nouwens, Reineke Otten, Malkit Shoshan, Vincent Schipper, Orhan Esen, Andrew Heywood, Caroline Bos, Christiaan Fruneaux, and Brendan Cormier. Interviews with Timothy Mitchell, Heath Bunting, Laurent Guidetti, and Tom Frantzen.

29: The urban conspiracy

The term ‘senior moment’ typically refers to an age-related lapse in memory, logical thinking, or sense of orientation. But appearing at a loss is merely a common trick to conceal actions that are part of a highly coordinated effort. Driven by deep-seated memories and using long-term spatial planning, the elderly have been conspiring to realize a surprising plan. Volume 29 uncovers this historical phase, or ‘Senior Moment’ of elderly triumph. The issue presents ‘the plan’, identifies the ‘locations’, ‘members’, ‘assets’, and ‘strategies’ involved. With contributions by Leon Krier, Yoko Ono, Junya Ishigami, Francesco Bonami, Lebbeus Woods and many others.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

27: Aging

The global phenomenon of aging populations, buildings, and cities in the 21st century presents a staggering challenge to a world fixated on the new and the young. This includes both the acceptance of the elderly, as a group brimming with untapped potential, and the opposing perspective, that we should do away with aging altogether. ‘Volume’ explores the spatial implications of aging, and challenges designers to introduce a long life as core to their thinking.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

21: The Block

Vast urbanisations in developed, developing and under-developed economies have one common denominator: an immediate need for quality housing. Never before were those involved in architecture and building construction confronted with such a challenge – the housing of millions. A one-fits-all solution seems unthinkable since most mass-housing schemes in the past failed, in part because they originated from dictatorship or total absence of power. Based on the analysis of one of the housing experiments of the past, the Soviet Microrayon, Volume proposes a new prototype – a housing block, which is custom-made but mass-produced and conceived via open source standards.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

17: Content Management

At the close of this era of expansion and surplus Volume speculates on one of the period's emblematic inventions: Content Management, or the collecting, organizing and sharing of digital information. Our retrospective appraisal of recent developments in the managing of information offers inside into the ability of Content Management to serve the current realities of digital abundance and material shortage, and to protect both vast and extremely limited quantities.

2 Introduction - Inaba, Jeffrey
10 The Architecture of Content Management - Wigley, Mark 
14 Mismanagement - Smedt, Julien De 
18 Operating Manuals - Muller, Lars 
22 A New Mind for an Aging Species - Daalder, Rene 
26 The Strange Condition of Contemporary Content-Crisis - Basar, Shumon 
28 Rank and File - Anderson, Chris 
32 In Media Res - Goldberg, Ken 
36 The Rachel Maddow Show - Maddow, Rachel
40 News Update - Huffington, Arianna 
44 World Heritage: Oryx or Goat? - C-Lab 
60 The Big Dig - Abu El Haj, Nadia 
64 Categorizing the City - Grima, Joseph 
66 Technically Speaking - Simmons, Marc 
72 Communicating Content - Domeisen, Oliver 
76 The Politics of the Envelope ‚Äi A Political Critique of Materialism - Zaera Polo, Alejandro 
106 Art as Urbanism - Govan, Michael 
110 Architecture is Merciless - Herzog, Jacques 
114 Talk of the Town - AOC 
118 Life Support - Abalos, Inaki 
122 Transplants - Vogt Landscape Architects 
128 Seeds of Paranoia - C-Lab 
142 Still Metropolitan After All These Years - Montebello, Philippe de 
146 Content Management - Marcopoulos, Ari 
152 Faculties for Architecture - Oosterman, Arjen

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

13: Ambition

Our field, and perhaps every field, is defined by ambition. to know ourselves we have to know ambition. But ambition is far from simple. It is never straightforward, never the singular drive it appears to be. Rather, it is a set of interacting forces in which often the means are mistaken for ends. This issue of Volume on Ambition offers a preliminary map of what has become a landscape of misguided purpose.

2 Science of Ambition 1
3 Editorial - Inaba, Jeffrey
4 Science of Ambition 2
5 Mutations of Fame - Wigley, Mark
9 Science of Ambition 3
10 Ambition after Celebrity - Levitt, Danielle
14 Question for Karim Rashid - C-Lab
16 Enjoy the Futures. Interview with Charles Jencks - Inaba, Jeffrey and Benedict Clouette
19 Science of Ambition 4 
20 Fifty Percent: In Defense of Public Relations. Questions for Laura Iloniemi, Lisetta Koe, Nancy Kleppel, Jessica Scaparotti and Elizabeth Kubany - C-Lab
22 Conversation with Ben Katz - Inaba, Jeffrey and Harmony Murphy
24 The Compromise House - Wrange, Mans / OMBUD
28 The Knowledge - Easterling, Keller
30 Tomorrow’s Faces, Today’s Ambitions. Archiprix International 2007 - Oosterman, Arjen
33 Science of Ambition 5 
34 Micro-scale and Macro Ambition. Interview with Momoyo Kaijima - Inaba, Jeffrey and Benedict Clouette
38 Content and Discontent - Bonami, Francesco
41 Science of Ambition 6
42 What Good Is a Bad Object? - Lavin, Sylvia
47 C-Lab Presents: New Names by - Wysocan, Paul
48 Yes Man. Interview with Bjarke Ingels - Inaba, Jeffrey
53 Science of Ambition 7 
54 Conversation with Vincent Gallo, Benjamin Bratton and Jeffrey Inaba. A Screenplay - Gallo, Vincent
60 Maturing Ambition. Interview with Kevin Roche - Inaba, Jeffrey
66 Richard Prince
72 Interview with Philip Johnson (Introduction by Kazys Varnelis) - Stern, Robert A.M.
73 Science of Ambition 8 
74 Hedged Ambition - C-Lab
86 Give It Away Give It Away Give It Away Now! Souvenirs for a New Germany - Glasl, Sascha
87 C-Lab Presents: Breeding Tables - Kram/Weisshaar
88 Kazakhstan Alibi - C-Lab
105 Science of Ambition 9
106 A Conversation Between Shohei Shigematsu and Mohsen Mostafavi with Margaret Arbanas and Benedict Clouette - Clouette, Benedict
111 Science of Ambition 10 
112 Ambition Then and Now. Interview with Thom Mayne - Inaba, Jeffrey
116 Remembering - Inaba, Jeffrey
117 Still Ambitious After All These Years. Interview with Jerry Brown - Inaba, Jeffrey
120 Mediagenics. Interview with Elizabeth Diller - Inaba, Jeffrey and Benedict Clouette
121 Opportunity. Interview with Alejandro Zaera Polo - Inaba, Jeffrey
128 Architects Before the Make-up - Eberle, Todd
134 Tonal Ambition. Brian Roettinger’s design for the Theremin - Read, Martha
137 C-Lab Presents: Theremin Sans - Roettinger, Brian
138 Richard Holbrooke, Architect - C-Lab
144 Model Urban Development and Modeling Urban Development - Jeremijenko, Natalie
148 Ambitious Acts - Aitken, Doug
152 Ambition - Safran, Yehuda E.

Naše cena: 500 Kč
(bez 10 % DPH: 454.55 Kč)
Skladem: 1 ks (standartní doba expedice do 5 dnů)

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